One, Two, ThreeFloor

ThreeFloor is a label Queen Marie writes about often and loves the clothing but would never wear it, whereas I love the clothing and would wear it but have yet to feature it. Between us we have all bases covered!

I was recently emailed about ThreeFloor's lastest summer line. It features the signature textured panelled approach the label is known for and pastels are plentiful as is lace.

As much as I adore the pastel pieces, and I really do, I am much more drawn to the all black dress in this instance. The structured skirt and tight lace bodice would look great on pretty much most bodies, even those with hefty shoulders like mine.

Even given my love of colour and print, I still have a terrible weakness for black lace dresses as they look brilliant paired with biker boots. I think I might tempted to make buy this little number.

Threefloor_3 Threefloor_1Threefloor_2