on the move...

When I declare I'm not a gadget person, Grande Empress Gillian laughs herself senseless.

I honestly don't think of myself that way but then I look around The Palace and I have to accept that maybe I am. There are gadgets everywhere...

Back in the days before digital cameras, most weekends meant buying a disposable camera which we then used to document our adventures. Queen Michelle, Maxine and I would take it in turns to take them to Boots to be developed.

Nowadays while I love the convenience of digital cameras, I really miss actual printed photographs.

Maybe that's why I am so smitten by this LG Pocket Photo Mobile printer. This little smart device which uses blue tooth lets you print out on the move.



This is instant Smart Mobile Printing.  No no matter where  you are, you can print photos from your smartphone wirelessly. With a 45second print time and fast Bluetooth connection, you can take your photo one minute and have it printed out and in your hand the next. That's a whole lot of fun for only about £80. 

You can find these little guys everywhere including here



Yet despite the ease of digital, I don't take as many shots as I used too. 

So what about this gadget - the world's first intelligent wearable camera - The Autographer,  you wear this around your neck and it will take 50-200 shots an hour.

The Autographer is a new type of camera which has been custom built to enable spontaneous, hands-free image capture. Its world leading technology includes a custom 136° eye view lens, an ultra small GPS unit and 5 in-built sensors.

What appeals to me is the kind of image that this promises to capture - candid, natural, unexpected and completely authentic.

 It's a little pricey right now at around £249 but it could be well worth it methinks...



The Autographer can automatically correct for changes in color, motion, direction and light sources to reveal the usually unseen. This tiny camera comes with a loop for wearing it around your neck and casually takes perfect photos ‘intelligently’ without the help of the wearer.  It’s art made simple.  See more at Chauhan studio.

I think what I love most about this gadget is the total element of surprise. You never know exactly what you are going to see when you play them back.

I'm giving serious consideration to one of these little things...

Queen Marie