If you're not fast, you're last...

Oh the irony!

The irony of not being fast enough off the mark to snaffle a runing shoe!

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 I've been eagerly awaiting the new spring/summer collection from Liberty x Nike and had been counting down the days until it was available.



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But on Sunday night while  I was in the sub club listerning to Robert Owen sing "I'll be your friend", back above ground all of those with faster fingers than me were snaffling up my first choices.

This time round I had my heart set on these little beauties below...




For the very first time, the Internationalist receives a makeover with a little help from Anoosha, Lora and Crown Liberty prints. Originally developed for long distance running, this vintage running shoe silhouette will see you all the way through summer and beyond.

 Lora is based on a 1970s version of William Morris’ Willow pattern. Willow was designed by William Morris in 1874. It is a one-colour all-over small leaf repeat and was included in the Liberty classics collection in 1998. While Anoosha is from a screen print done in the 1930s at Liberty’s Merton print works.It is a small stylised floral trail print, featuring monochrome blossom and bell flowers.

Picture 3

Originally this pattern was called Floral Blotch.

Forget Floral Blotch, more like Floral Botch. I've botched this one right up. By the time I headed over there on Monday morning they were sold out.


 But given the choice of hearing Robert Owens or snaffling the shoes, I'll have to take the singing every time!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3dFakcw5Cg] 

Queen Marie