one lump or two...


 Standing stirring sugar into The Gavsters coffee in work last week, I was once again struck by how much I dislike cheap cutlery.

 I've got a wee thing about cutlery and china. You may remember my hunt for gold cutlery a few years ago, which to be honest is three sets on and still not happily resolved but I digress. 

Drinking your tea from a bone china mug and using a special teaspoon are little things but  I'm a big believer in the mantra, that if you can make, even the most every day routines and events in your  life just a little bit lovelier, then you can make yourself feel a big bit happier.

Growing up, my gran had the most enchanting silver teaspoons I had ever seen. They had thistles at the top with amythests (I realise now that they were doubless only purple cut glas or crystal but to me they seemed like precious jewels). She kept them in a purple velvet box which was the most precious thing ever. Maybe that's where the cutlery thing comes from?

 So long story short, I am determined to buy some wonderful new spoons for the studio. 

I was initally tempted by simple antique silver like the ones above ( 6 Fancy Ornate Silver Plate Antique Teaspoons - Carnation Pattern  $24.95 here ) but if money was no object I would spring for some personalised hand stamped ones from Goozeberryhill

I could have messages like " why is it always me that makes the sodding tea" or "it's your turn to buy the milk" stamped into them...

Custom, Personalised Antique & Vintage Silver Plated Teaspoon -

Hand stamped with the how you take your drink and name on the handle   $16.31 Il_fullxfull.450004774_2j9v




Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to stick the kettle on.

 Queen Marie