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One of the joys of blogging is that we can travel the world with just a click of the mouse.

Yesterday we were in Spain, while today finds us basking in the Argentinian sunshine where we find  Sol and Sebas, graphic and textile designers from Mar del Plata and taking a look at their wonderful textile project - Hombre Lobo



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A little may be lost in translation when they explain their work but what needs no translation is the joy , creativity and sheer life force in these images.

It is living history in textile form and I can't imagine what could be more glorious than that...

Let them explain Hombre Lobo :

It´s hard to talk about your own projects, specially when you believe that colors and traces explain feelings better than yourself. But this is a language based community, earthlings needs to read and understand, so here we are… writing words. 

Hombre Lobo means Werewolf, and is the melting of a graphic and a textile designer, together learning from native communities. 

For years we have been doing designs for Film, Music and Design Festivals, watching our two universes combined on those projects took us to the decision that we should do something more meaningful with our style. 
After working with native communities in Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico and Chile, we decide to mix their visual legacy, cosmogony and purity with our  interpretation of their legends and myths. A nice visual salad was comming. 
So much fun working at the communities, learning about feelings and colours, trace and meanings, our textiles became clothes, scarfs, shirts, but most important, Amulets, carrying all this knowledge, fun, and wisdom.
April will find Hombre Lobo at the Chilean Patagonia, working with the Mapuche´s community, who will put some geometry into the couple, and some new points of view, to make this imaginary grow and grow"

7-Hombre Lobo

8-Hombre Lobo


9-Hombre Lobo

5-Hombre Lobo

2-Hombre Lobo

1-Hombre Lobo

They look like Nikki de Saint Falle drawings and statues come to bright and vibrant life.

I don't know about you  but I want to go there now and howl at the sunshine and the moon with Hombre Loco...

 Queen Marie