one dress every six minutes...

Up until this weekend I have shown little or no interest whatsoever in online retailer

In my head I always dismissed them as a slightly trashy teenage site. 

But their latest tv  latest tv commercial kept catching my peripheral vision and the shapes made me think "oh that's a bit pradaesque" or " oooh Mrs Beckham might have something to ay about that" 

My lack of  interest was backed up by a total lack of knowledge, so I felt duty bound to go a- prowling and see what the sketch really was over at boohoo. And goodness me, colour me very pleasantly surprised and impressed

I had awlays thought they were a very new kid on the block. A kind of very young asos. But things are not as they first appear. It turns out that the company were established away back in 2006 and now have over 500 staff and boast that they sell a dress every six minutes!

Indeed while their core market is 16-24 year olds, their demographic stretches from 14-35. 

This site is a great resource for fashionable youngsters...

Picture 6

 Looking at the trends they have identified for Spring Summer, they are bang on and they have translated them into bucket loads of  supremely wearable affordable on trend items.

Now don't get me wrong, lots of things on the site hurt my eyes real bad. But I'm about as far removed from their target market as it comes, so I doubt that will give them any sleepless nights. Hahaha

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Picture 8

Picture 9 - far from scary

Who'd have thunk it!!!!

Queen Marie

*EDIT - Sorry people, for how piss poor these images are now that the post has gone live.

It looked a million times better in preview. Bah!!!!!!