Birds of a feather...

So yesterday was the first day back at work.

I had no sooner taken off my coat, than I looked up to see all my little bird friends sitting on the window sill waiting for their breakfast.

Luckily while I was off, although it was very wet it wasn't too cold, so they all seemed in fine fettle.

But sadly there was still no sign of my  fat robin and thin robin ( I know, I am so imaginative when it comes to names) I fear they may have gone to the big bird table in the sky.

But here on earth, over the Christmas holidays, I came across the most glorious bird houses you ever did see.

Houses so wonderful, that my feathered friends would be lining up around the garden to get the chance to live in one of these...



 The houses are made by Outdoor Accents.

The team at Outdoor Accents was bored with the plain-but-functional birdhouses that were available on the market, so it created its own lovely range. Choose from miniature mansions and cottages for birds to add style to your garden. Feathered friends will be chirping with glee as they proudly move into a Prairie Farm House or a Cotswold Cottage Birdhouse.

There is even a public library!!!!

You can find them all here at the delightful Pets Pajamas

Picture 4

Picture 2

Picture 3

 I had never come across this site before. Crikey it is one glorious place.

Even without a pet,  you could go crazy and get yourself into serious hot water with your bank manager.


Bbc9d42bc6aec08dccdf6284be94ed0bIt really is the pet's pajamas.

Queen Marie