Only Dave could make me reconsider...

 It's been a busy old week for birthdays in my family.

Our David, Our Frances and my wee Gran who would have been 103 (just because she's dead doesn't mean we don't remember her and celebrate it. She wouldn't have it any other way, believe me!!!!)

Last night Frances and I were sitting drinking tea while she checked her phone with a very happy look on her face. Lots of things make her smile, but no one makes her smile quite like Dave Grohl.

DavegrohlLet's be honest, Dave is enough to make all the girls wink and smile.

Unlike me, Frances uses her smart phone to the best of it's ability. Despite my best intentions I have still never come to terms with it. I am making a stab at pinterest, very slowly coming to terms with instagram but twitter and facebook are total non starters.

She on the other hand loves her social media. She follows a facebook page called " Appreciation of Rock and Grohl" (see it here) which is "A lovefest for Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters" and basically sends her a new picture of Dave every day.

If that's not enough to make me reconsider Facebook I don't know what is...



Queen Marie