hurrah for humblesticks...

When it comes to chairs, my love and fascination is boundless.

 So when I find people who are bringing found or tired and sad objects back to glorious life it always brings a great big smile to my face. So let's hear a big hurrah for Humblesticks!


Humblesticks was established in 2013 by husband and wife team Richard Holman and Katy Shooter. They have always enjoyed renovating and rejuvenating found objects, but there are only so many re-upholstered Ercol chairs and nests of G Plan tables that a small cottage in South Wales can contain … and so they decided to start selling their furniture online.

Richard has a background as a photographer and creative director of a design agency, and Katy is a painter, sculptor and interior designer. Their  wonderful aesthetic is evident in everything they do.


Sundae Chairs  (Set of 4)   £525.00

 Beautiful beech mid 20th Century Danish chairs, which have been lovingly coaxed back to their natural wood glory, oiled and rewarded with a little Humblesticks colour in a delicious 50's ice-cream parlour palette.


Mr Blue Sky Mirror  £90.00

Beautiful early 20th Century bevelled edge oval mirror. The inside edge of the frame is picked out in a perfect summer day blue, contrasting with the lightly oiled oak outer rim.


Bat For Lashes   Gin Lamp   £90.00

Like me, they seem to have a terrible weakness for lamps and lampshades too. I would happily buy every single thing on their elegant site. Sadly if I did, there would be no rom at all in my crowded little house and I would have to live in the coal cellar. Grrrr.

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