The quiet chair...

How I laughed yesterday when Kayron commented that her house looked like a mad grany lived there. So does mine. There are cushions, throws, ornaments, books, records and lamps everywhere.

Oh how I would love to be minimal. There is a little corner of me longs to be minimal. Living in a white box filled with light, clean lines and uncluttered surface.

My white box would contain carefully chosen 'pieces' such as the glorious Rosenberg Toga chair.

This is a quiet chair that invites you to sit upon it gently and think calm and graceful thoughts.


Reut Rosenberg is an Israeli industrial designer and graphic artist, who recently graduated from the Holon Institute of Technology. She designed the ‘Toga’ chair, inspired by the aesthetic of draped cloth. It consists of a simple European oak frame and PVC sheet, formed in a mould. The plastic not only acts as a visual expression of cloth, but also a practical, constructive component to replace the frame’s back link and seat, providing minimalist comfort.

But sadly minimal is just not in my dna.

Even the most elegant and spare of spaces would be turned into a fairylight filled hellhole in a week!

Damm my magpie tendancies.

Queen Marie