One of my lovely Twitter friends sent me a link to the Saint Laurent video to promote their new line of ballerina shoes, featuring model Lida Fox.

This actually gave me goosebumps. It perfectly fuses the current Saint Laurent punk aesthetic with the allure and poise of ballet. Clearly Lida herself was an accomplished dancer at some point in her life as she carries out the fouette turns with aplomb and ease, not to mention her elegance and flexibility.


Ballet comes and goes in fashion and those of us who dance can always tell because of the influx of girls attending pointe class out of curiousity. Ballet is definitely having another mini moment.

My work colleague and friend sent me this incredible video of a ballerina who dances on knife point(e). The film, Javier Pérez’s 'En Puntas',  features dancer Amélie Ségarra.


She has large knives attached to her pointe shoes as she attempts to dance on top of a piano. It's a breathtaking film. The courrous suddenly become more intense and violent as she performs them on the knives edge. The scraping of the blade against the piano top somehow feels like the perfect metaphor for the dancers relationship with their bodies, their shoes and the artform.  The fact she actually manages to execute releves is beyond comprehension.