farewell old friend...

Last week I said a heartbreaking goodbye to a beloved old friend.

My trusty chariot - my little black polo.


For the last decade and more than 135,000 miles we have been through thick and thin together. 

If cars could talk, oh the tales he could tell.

It was not a desicion that was taken lightly. There were tears (even in the garage) and a note left to his next prospective owner telling them just what a special little vehicle he is.

But sadly, wear and tear and mounting garage bills, meant that I had no option but to clear him out and try to find myself a replacement. At hthis point , Queen Michelle and everyone who knows me well, will be laughing hard at the thought of me trying to move the mountain of debris that has accumulated over the years.

You never know what you are going to find in my car, so Grande Empresse Gillian took it in her stride when I found a frying pan at the bottom of my boot and later as I jammed my arm under the seat and lay there across the back seat unable to move like a floundering salmon...




 In his place comes another little black polo tdi. Exactly the same but just a younger model.

It's early days and this vehicle has a lot to live up to. In the loving spirit of  -'gone but not forgotten' ,I have made a cut out of my old trusty chariot and placed it on the new dashboard...



Pass me a frying pan and let the new adventures begin...

Queen Marie