another chance...

 I know I have said it a thousand times, but I really have to sort my wardrobe out.

Or rather the three bedrooms and all the kitchen cupboards that pass as my wardrobes. I freely confess to my hoarding but it has gone too far. I NEED to have a clear out.

Obviously a lot of it ius useless tat but there is also lots of lovely treasures that I will never wear again. 

There is nothing better than being able to rifle through other peoples wardrobes. Especially people involved in the fashion industry. You just know they are going to have all kinds of treasures you have never seen or could never afford.

Well lucky for us  mere mortals, sometimes they have to clear out their groaning closets. The canny ones sell them to pre-owned online stores.

One of my favourites is Style Sequel, the creation of lovely Londoner Emma Allen

The site lets you shop from the closets of fashion editors, red carpet veterans and well-dressed women from around the world. The discount designer website sells a horde of fashion insider favourites including Azzedine Alaia, Isabel Marant, Alexander McQueen, Marni and Chloe to name but a few. 

Emma has also recognised that some buyers pirchase items to collect rather than to wear...


Picture 8
Picture 9

When Emma launched the site at the start of the year, she told people about it in the most creative way. She produced a paper doll which came in her own little black box complete with a whole wardrobe of clothes to play with  including a Balenciaga maxi dress and Hermes Birkin bag.

Emma and her assistant cut them all out painstakingly by hand. Now that's love...

Poor little children of the electronic generation will never know the joy of playing with a paper dress up doll.


Now all I have to do, is stop trying to buy things to add to my closets and attempt to get rid of some of my own things.


Queen Marie