Light up, run for cover...

Here in The Kingdom, normally three consecutive warm days constitutes a summer!

So you can imagine the state of disarray and confusion as the result of three weeks of constant heat and sunshine. We just don't really know how to cope with it.

On the positive side, most people are making use of thier gardens like never before. I don't think I have ever the known the smell of smoke to drift thorugh my open doors and windows every single night. The world has gone barbecue crazy.

The idea of spending long summer nights in the garden is a romantic idea. Bust as the light starts to fail in a Scottish garden, if you have any sense you will run for cover. For with the gloaming comes the midgie, ready to eat you alive. I am already covered in bites.

But if my garden was midgie free and money was no object, then I would be back to the glorious Serralunga for their Bonheur Outdoor floor lamp. Founded in Biella in Italy in 1825 Serralunga is known for stylish, fun and durable outdoor furniture which is still produced in Biella, in the street named after the Serralunga family.

This is absolutely enchanting. It goes without saying that I would also want the garden to go with it.

  Serralunga Bonheur Floor Lamp  £775 available here


Just as I was about to publish this post, the sky has turned black, thunder and lightning is raging outside and they radio is issuing flash flood warnings.

So as far as Scottish summers go, it looks like normal service is resumed ...

Queen Marie