too much of a good thing is never enough...

Today I was due to be posting about the unsettling work of Fine Art Photographers Unda Arte

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But it would appear that it unsettles my computer just as much as it does me, as it crashed and corrupted not twice but three times. 

So sharing thier work will need to wait for another day

So instead I give you a lighthearted whirl around Society 6

This place will make your head whirl. It is crammed to the very brim and beyond with fabulous artwork all available as items that act like catnip for Queen Michelle and I - iphone cases, tote bags, cushions and art prints

I could hardly limit my choice to just afew to show you today.

It's just that good. Pop over with a cuppa and prepare to lose some serious time...

 Dave Grohl - by Replaceface  THROW PILLOW / COVER (16" X 16")   $20.00








And of course in saving the best for last, I give you, Frida in a Daft Punk t-shirt.

Hello! how wonderful is that.

FRIDA KAHLO by Richie Starkill TOTE BAG  WITH POCKET  $18.00


Couldn't finish the post without this!!!! 

Queen Marie