I'll take it and leave it...

The insane weather we have had this year, has wreaked total havoc with my poor garden.

Everything has suffered. Trees, shrubs, bedding plants, established or newly planted, none of them are making a go of it. In fact I have lost many old friends and favourites.

Looking out the window today, I was vexed to see that even my willow trees are struggling even to keep their heads up. Even more shocking, is that already I can see some of the bigger trees are already on the turn. In fact if you didn't know, that it was still only August, you could believe that you were looking out on an Autumnal garden. *Sigh*


It may have been the sorry state of my garden, that caused me to have such a strong reaction to the new Stella McCartney advert today.

I was immediately captivated and enchanted by the luscious green topiary, the sculptural shapes creating a real sensation of depth even on the flat  printed page.

Wonderful too, is the jump of the logo in blue against the green of the trees. The 'dead' flat colour of  blue contrasting perfectly with the 'aliveness' of the green.



But this is an advert of two halves. A real beauty and the beast type deal.

On the left hand page -the loveliness 

On the right - yikes!

My eyes they burn...


To be honest, I'm not completely certain why I dislike this dress so much.

 Was Stella aiming for playful and peek-a-boo?  Flirty and Fun?

Maybe she was, but to me, it just comes across as immodest and slightly vulgar and that somehow offends my 'Victorian Dad' sensibilities.

Take a closer look and see what reaction it provokes in you...


And I'm afraid  that throwing a jacket on top of this other dress, does nothing to diminish my dislike of this one either.


So Stella, no offence, but if it's all the same to you , I'll take your trees and leave your dresses for the moment.

Thank You.

Queen Marie