Undead at the disco...

Imagine if you will for a moment, you walked with the undead.

That you were a Vampire to be exact.

Not any old vampire mind you, but a fabulous fashionable super stylish  blood sucker...


 If you were indeed as glamorous as this, I don't imagine for a minute, you would want to mope around some dreary old grim graveyard of an evening!


Hell no!

You'd rather be drinking cherry martinis and disco dancing...Vampire,fangs,beautiful,body,part,cherry,face-d754749d85d6a76c341b70525f4339fb_h


Which brings us to the burning question -

Which designer could possibly make clothes perfect for such a surreal situation ?

Come on now.

It's obvious when you think about it.

Who else could it be, but that old Kingdom favourite "Rab Cavalli"



Aye, you can say what you like but  there's never a dull minute with Rab around.

Grazie Roberto...


Queen Marie