Sweet Memories


It’s incredible how scent can take you back to a different time and evoke strong memories. The fact that inside our brains is a memory of every moment in our lives but we don’t have the ability to access all the files. Instead, we get little glimpses of those files from time to time and sometimes scent can provide the impetus for little glimpse.

I reviewed some Armani foundation last week and it smells just like this Covergirl foundation I wore as a young teen. The minute I smelled it I was smiling away to myself as I instantly remembered wearing that makeup when I would excitedly go meet my first real boyfriend and feeling all grown up.

Whilst I was buying those Armani products I had a wander around Debenhams perfume department. My eyes were immediately drawn to the new Tom Ford perfume, Metallique. Obviously I was going to be curious about perfume with metal in the name but when I sniffed it I was delighted to discover it’s nearly identical to a perfume I used to wear when I was young. It was discontinued a long time ago and I was devastated when it was. The minute I sprayed this I knew I had to buy it. Wearing it brings back so many amazing memories.


There are smells or perfumes that take you back to a nice place?

Queen Michelle