its a goal...

Unlike Queen Michelle I don't really remember much about being a teenager. I just remember being in a bad mood and crying lots. One thing I do remember is not wanting to look like everyone else. I did follow some trends like Jesus sandals and Dr Scholls but that was pretty much it.

On the other hand both of my neices place great store in what the other kids are wearing. So that being the case I'm sure the Umbro x Urban Outfitters collection is going to be a big hit with the athleisure loving young people.

With successful collaborations with Kim Jones, House of Holland and most recently Virgil Abloh’s Off-White in the bag, Umbro now launches a 90s-inspired women’s capsule collection exclusive to Urban Outfitters‘s U.K. stores. Comprising of logo t-shirts, cropped sweatshirts, basketball jerseys, leggings and shorts, they have teenager written all over them.

Established in England in 1924 by Harold Humphries as a soccer equipment brand, Umbro was owned by Nike from 2007 to 2012, when  it was sold to Iconix.

The Umbro x Urban Outfitters collection available here

Queen Marie

He's The Greatest Dancer





I recently watched the amazing documentary about the Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, who became the Royal Ballet's youngest ever principle dancer at aged 20. Known as the "bad boy of ballet", the film tracks his life from his humble beginnings in the Ukraine, his meteoric rise within the Royal Ballet and to him ultimately walking away from it.

What the film brings into stark relief are the huge sacrifices families from Eastern Europe make to send their children to ballet school. Unlike in the West, where most ballet students come from fairly privileged or middle class backgrounds, in the likes of Russia and the Ukraine working class families give up everything to give their children a chance in the ballet world. In order to earn enough money to pay for Sergei's ballet education, his father had to take a job in Portugal and his grandmother went to Greece where they could earn higher wages to help pay for his career. As Sergei's mother tearfully recounts the moment she had to leave her only child behind in England, we realise that was the biggest sacrifice of all.


The footage of Sergei as a young dancer is mindblowing and you soon realise you are watching someone who was quite literally born to be a dancer. Frequently compared to Nureyev, his good looks and incredible physicality are mesmerising to watch. it is clear that Sergei is ill at ease with this life and his gift and so he parties, takes cocaine and stays out all night yet it's never explored as to why he was so self destructive. It could be that deep inside he just wanted to be a normal young person. His path had been determined for him from a very young age and perhaps he felt he had no control over that and eventually just had to break free on some level.

Even you aren't that into ballet, I highly recommend this film anyway as it's beautifully shot and just as a documentary it's engrossing and engaging.


phones and feet...

At the weekend there, Queen Michelle, Prince B and I were discussing the importance of having a decent phone case. Some of us are more accident prone than others and watch the phone crash to the ground with our hearts in our mouths.

With most things I normally follow my fathers advice which is "you get what you pay for" but when it comes to phone cases, I totally grudge the money and end up with some functional but grotty thing from ebay.

The same can't be said for sneakerheadz who are already thrilling to theto Nike‘s outsole phone cases. The Swoosh dropped a trio of hard phone cases all resembling outsoles from two of its most popular silhouettes. The Air Force 1 and Roshe models feed the inspiration and are currently available for $35 USD each. The Air Force 1 is available in blue while the Roshe edition is out now in “Total Crimson” and “Green Glow” options.

 All four cases are sized for the iPhone 7 only, so those of us living happily with an older phone can forget it.

Ok so maybe now you could even step on your phone it will be so well protected but at $35 a pop???? As William Shatner says " I can't get behind that"

Outsole or outsold, you decide...

Queen Marie

Hello Sunshine!





My extremely oily skin is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand I have no doubt it's partly responsible for me being a wrinkle free 44 year old, but on the other hand it's bestowed upon me open pores and makeup that will never stay put no matter what I do. I have to be quite careful with what I put on my skin too as any kind of aggravation and my skin gets even oilier. I am also allergic to some natural ingredients such as tea tree, so I tend to stick to products I know that work and rarely deviate in case it ends up being a waste of money. For that reason I would never have imagined trying any kind of oil on my skin. Oil on oily skin? Shut your face mouth!

However when the lovely Amanda from Honey Pop Kisses, and founder of the Honey Pop Club, a subscription box club, send me a couple of her subscriptions boxes for my birthday, that all changed. Not only was this an amazing surprise, it featured what has become my new favourite product.








I tried this delicious smelling oil after my bath and was surprised to find the oil absorbed very easily into my skin. I even put it on my face, where it absorbed best of all, and I woke the next morning to the softest skin I've had in ages. It contains eucalyptus which has been great to breathe in after my sinus infection as I'm still a little bunged up. I also use it on my hair to smooth flyaways. I reckon this would be great for helping to heal tattoos too.



MOA is created in the UK and is cruelty free and made from entirely natural, organic ingredients. The cornerstone of their products is their use of Yarrow, a herb found readily across the UK and is well known for its healing and repairing properties.

Everything in their small rage is perfectly affordable too meaning you can treat your skin to beautifully natural ingredients without breaking the bank.


Crazy for Konzuk...

Concrete. I love it.

So you can imagine how much I adore the creations of Konzuk.

KONZUK aspires to create jewelry that is more wearable architecture than simple accessory. The collections are inspired by designer Karen Konzuk’s personal observations of architecture and sculpture; notably the work of Donald Judd and Richard Serra. Minimal form, unique surface texture, and unorthodox materials each define the modernist aesthetic of KONZUK jewelry.

Each design is hand crafted, for both women and men, as an expression of individual style. Unconventional materials, such as Konzuk’s signature use of concrete and stainless steel, are shaped and refined with the intent of shifting traditional perceptions of jewelry.

Then just when you thought things couldn't be any more perfect, inspired by constellations and stars, they introduce diamond dust to the picture to create the Stellar collection. I'm lost for words how much I love these pieces and how much I covet them...

Queen Marie

A Break From Black




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


By the lack of interaction on my outfits posts lately, I'm guessing you're all sick of black by now. Can't be helped I'm afraid because when you're in a style phase you just have to ride it out and this happens to me every summer so really, you should all be used to it by now, so buckle up Buttercup! My style is never always one thing or another, it's a culmination of all my inspirations and aspirations so it's always going to be very unpredictable. I would hope that's why you come here - one minute tulle and PVC, the next 60's swirls.

However, if black is getting you down, today there is a very colourful interlude which you can thank Summer Sleight for. I introduced you to the label here, and Queen Marie shared her own outfit featuring a neckpiece the designer created for her, and now it's my turn to style up my own.


The Details

Vintage dress // 5 Preview denim jacket // D'Aquino hat // Angel Jackson bag // Finery boots // Summer Sleight necklace


This vintage dress, which Prince B bought me some time ago, was just waiting for the right piece to come along to style with it and my Stacks necklace by Summer is it.

It really is Summer in the City now.


The Dementia Darnings...

This week is Dementia Awareness Week.

It's a subject that many people find difficult to talk about. They may feel scared and confused, maybe even just hoping that the problem will go away so they don’t have to deal with it. This week has been about getting people to open up.

Throughout the week there has been lots of fundraising events and awareness raising, all with the aim of pointing you in the direction of people to talk to if you are worried about yourself or a member of your family

We all bury our heads in the sand from time to time. But if you’re seriously concerned, and the problem continues, it’s important to talk to someone about it. The sooner you know what you’re dealing with, the sooner you can get on with your life and feel in control again. 

The wonderful artist Jenni Dutton has had first hand experience of dementia,

She has been working on a series of large sewn portraits called 'The Dementia Darnings' of her mother who has Dementia since 2011. They were made initially in response to well loved photos from the family album, but developed as a vehicle for Jenni to respond as her mother’s health gradually deteriorated. Issues around the inevitable loss of memory are explored through the techniques and materials used. She has made 17 portraits to date. The first time I saw pictures of them, I burst into tears. 

They can be seen in Bridport Arts Centre over Dementia Awareness Week and at Museum Rijswijk inThe Hague, Holland from May through to September.

She is now extremely frail, but there are still surprising glimpses of her amazing spirit. I shall continue to show the love that surrounds her through the work that I am making and hope that it will serve as a testament to her life.

Queen Marie

Talking Toga


Just when I think I've cured my gingham addiction, Japanese label Toga pull me right back in...


For footwear, Toga are by far one of my favourite labels. You know by now how obsessed I am with western details and this label do that better than any other.

After graduating from ESMOD Paris, Yasuko Furuta founded TOGA back in 1997 in Tokyo and has since grown to become one of Japan’s most preeminent brands, winning the ANDAM award in 2007. It is now stocked in the most prestigious stores across the world and online, including Selfriges and Net-a-Porter.

The SS17 collection found me not focusing on footwear however, but rather the wonderful array of fabric and pattern clashing from the main collection. The collection, entitled Flux, Temperance, Release, was only Furuta's third on-schedule catwalk presentation.

Just when I thought I was over gingham Furuta reinvents it, pulling me right back in again...




The collection features references to water throughout, from puddle shaped applique to high shine fabrics, all in muddy colours with pops of neon, orange and cobalt blue.

I'm still stricken with an ear, nose and throat infection so this was just the tonic I needed.

kamarg kicks back..

Oh I do love a rucksack and I think I have just spotted my next purchase!

Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, the beloved Austrian mountaineering brand Kamarg is heading back to us this summer.

Its central product, the backpack, will return in its original colors as well as its classic complexion,only the sailcloth has been revised and made waterproof to meet modern requirements. The carrier system works with a rope which serves as a lock at the same time. The shoulder straps are hung-up on the rope, buttons fix the framework. Felt inserts make the straps more comfortable when wearing.

Kamarg was founded in the late 1940s in Graz, Austria, by the Herbert Margutsch and his father (legend has it that Kamarg is an acronym for Karl (“KA”) and Margutsch (“MARG”), Karl being the name of Karl’s grandfather). Their workshop was in the Griesgasse from where one can see the famous clocktower of Graz , which became the logo of the brand.
Kamarg started selling their rucksacks through their own store and sporting equipment stores in Austria. The brand became very popular in Austria in the 50's and 60's as more and more people discovered their adventurous spirit and started exploring the alps by hiking.

By 1960, Kamarg backpacks were shipped to over 2000 stores in the alps but sadly by the 70's the beloved Kamarg lost out to cheaper products from Asia and the the brand went into a deep sleep. Fast forward to August 2013 when Franz, one of the founders, came across a Kamarg backpack when cleaning out the attic of his parents’ house in Austria. The beige Kamarg he found there in a wooden box was used by his father to go to school and then work. It was produced in 1953 and still fully functionable. There was tear but nothing was broken. He washed it and started using it in the coming months and people really liked the simple and timeless design.

One very successful crowdsourcing campaign later and the Kamarg is kicking back into action. In the production, a special focus was placed on sustainability and longevity of the pieces. Individual components of the 12.2 liter backpacks like leather straps and zippers can be reordered after heavy wear.

Pre-order starts July 6, 2017 for an early bird prize of 80€. Afterwards the backpacks go on sale for 120€. 

All I need to do now is decide which colour. It goes against my normal instincts but I think I  may be drawn most to the classic beige...

Queen Marie


flash beagle says it through the power of dance...

Nothing like a flashdance snoopy using the power of the dance to send great big


Many Happy Returns to our very own dancing Queen xxx

As well as lots of birthday love, send her big GET WELL WISHES too, as she has been struck down by a horrible ear, nose and throat infection. What a ghastly thing to happen on her special day. Here's hoping Prince B remembers to bring some ice cream home for her sore throat.




Current Inspiration


From Wendy O Williams to great shoes, from sandy beaches to volcanic rock, what's inside my head? This is my current inspiration moodboard.


For any creative, the moodboard is an essential. Pinterest has been an invaluable way to gather up all the stuff inside my head, but I also keep folders on my computer filled with images that inspire me in one form or another.

I have design ones and I also have fashion/style ones. As you know, I'm in a dark phase at the moment (although next week I shall be featuring the first brightly coloured outfit for a while - look out for it) and I thought I'd share some of the images that are inspiring me currently.

When you work alone all day, every day, it can be tough to be inspired. I can go an entire day without speaking to a single soul until Prince B comes home. A day in total silence. It's very isolating in a way I didn't imagine when I started

this self employment malarki. Friends that have 9-5 jobs are rarely available for a chat or a cuppa. 

When you work in an agency you are surrounded by creative people who inspire you and I must admit I miss that greatly. Whilst I feel that creatively I'm doing far better things without being in the strangle hold of an agency, I really do miss working with other designers. 

To combat this sense of isolation and lack of inspiration, I find myself engrossed in creating moodboards and folders filled this images that I love. It can be things I want to wear, photos I'd like to try and shoot for myself, shoes, people, basically anything at all. At the moment that board is black.


Dreams Left To Float Away

In many ways my moodboard images represent not just inspiration, but dreams unfulfilled. For example,  I'd have loved to seen the Nevada desert or the Joshua Tree National Park but life has gotten too much in the way now to travel to these places - I should have gone when I was young and carefree. However, rural Scotland is every bit as impressive so these kind of images inspire me to explore my own country a lot more.

What's inspiring you lately?

Red and green should never be seen...



I can wear whatever I jolly well like!

STACKS. hand cut wool blend felt jewelry. visual impact with a comfortable and playful wearing experience.

STACKS. hand cut wool blend felt jewelry. visual impact with a comfortable and playful wearing experience.

You may remember last week Queen Michelle showed you the wonderful work of Summer Sleight (best name ever)  Summer got in touch with us about 6 weeks ago and asked if she could make us a necklace. Of course we both jumped at the chance and promised her that we would style them up when they arrived. I chose the STACKS choker in green because I knew right away it would go perfectly with my bright red coat.

Summer is a jeweler based in Denver, Colorado. Her background is in classical metalsmithing but she is currently working with two lines that play more with craft materials: Stitches which are handwoven glass beaded pieces  and Stacks which are all hand cut wool blend felt pieces. As a maker it is important to her to produce high quality jewelry that focuses on the primacy of handmade.

Needless to say I didn't really think things through, so when Queen Michelle and I popped out to take some shots on Sunday, I had on a warm woollen coat on the hottest day of the year so far. It's a miracle my face isn't the same colour as my coat. But don't look at that, look at Summer's marvellous creations and like me be amazed at her talent and patience...

GREEN VELVET - cameras ready prepare to flash...

GREEN VELVET - cameras ready prepare to flash...


Bottega Veneta sunglasses, Stacks necklace in green, Marks and Spencers coat, All Saints dress, Prada green velvet sneakers

stitches. handwoven glass seed beads with sterling silver findings. lightweight and colorful pieces to delight your lobes, neck, friends and family. 

stitches. handwoven glass seed beads with sterling silver findings. lightweight and colorful pieces to delight your lobes, neck, friends and family. 

You can follow Summer and her colour adventures on instagram.

Queen Marie

Wild Hearted Son





Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


When I wear lots of black, I'm rarely far from some kind of Western detail. You can place the blame for that firmly at the feet of glam metal, The Cult and Lemmy. Ever since I was 12 and got into bands like Motorhead, WASP, L.A. Guns and Faster Pussycat, I have loved all things Western - from conchos to fringes to cowboy boots. My tween life pretty much revolved around leather, cowboy boots, rock 'n' roll and drinking Thunderbird. Ah simple times. 

I no longer drink Thunderbird, however the style proclivities have stayed with me, much to Prince B's amusement - he continually asks me if I'm going line dancing. No you cheeky monkey I am not.


The Details

DIY dress // Jeffrey Campbell boots // DIY concho neckpiece // Topshop poncho // Western Supplies earrings



This time, I've paired those western details with a very simple outfit - not a single layer in sight. This dress is a DIY I started about 2 years ago and only recently got round to finishing. I bought a plain black dress and laboriously added all the fringes. Good fringes are hard to find and any dress featuring fringes tends to be those awful thin nylon ones that look like they belong on the bottom of a sofa. So when Dust sent me a huge ball of jersey fringing I put it to good use. Whilst I usually shy away from bodycon dresses at all costs, with massive fringes I'll make an exception. I just need to remind myself suck in my stomach because I'm just not ready for Spanx.


hard or soft boiled?

Less is more. We often say that here in The Kingdom except for when we say more is more!

Lets start saturday with some simple, calm and serene garments from Egg

You could eat breakfast , lunch and dinner without feeling the slightest pinch with these relaxed clothes. My favourite kind. I hate to feel in any way 'girded' Tight clothes make me emotionally as well as physically uncomfortable.

One thing however that is not relaxed is the price. Oooft.  These plain items are fiercely expensive. Never having touched them in real life, I can't tell you if they are worth it. But they would need to feel pretty damm special for me to want to hand over £350 for a large scarf or £850 for a waxed coat!

Previously a "hidden gem of Belgravia ( that helps explain the pricing perhaps!), Egg now have a space in Dover Street Market where you can find out for yourself what khaki cotton and macking are.  With niche brands such as Casey Casey, Toogood and Egg's own designs what they all have in common is their focus on clean lines and sculptural shapes.

Right I've decided, I'm going for hard boiled with toast soldiers...

Queen Marie

KVD x Debenhams


I was utterly thrilled when I discovered Debenhams were bringing Kat Von D concessions to stores.

Take my money, please.


The department store brought her range online early last year but us UK buyers were still left buying blind which, when it comes to cosmetics, is pretty useless. I had a few unsuccessful purchases, such as the Lock-it foundation, which I had to guess the colours of and got it spectacularly wrong. So I gave up ordering online. However, the concessions have arrived and I treated myself on Tuesday night with a trip to Silverburn to see the full range for myself.


I bought Lock-it foundation and was delighted to have a KVD artist match the colour exactly to my skin - so much better than mixing together the too light one and the too dark one I'd bought online previously. I also got a concealer, which is possibly the best concealer I have ever used, Immortal Lash mascara and a new Studded Kiss lipstick in A-Go Go which is a bright orange.

I'm trying to make my cosmetics bag entirely cruelty free, which can be tough when your skin has very specific needs and is also allergic to many commonly found natural ingredients, such as teatree. But so far, I have not been allergic to anything in the KVD range and nothing as yet has aggravated my extremely oily yet sensitive skin, so I have been able to throw away everything L'Oreal in my makeup bag and replace it with either KVD or Kiko. It's a start.

a lawn of legs...

I dont like scary things. They scare me.

Unlike Queen Michelle, I have a horror of horror movies.

Basically I don't want to look at things that will give me bad thoughts or bad dreams. Real life is more than full of enough of disturbing things.

So I'm a bit perturbed that my pinterest feed keeps showing me images of the work of Californian artist  Deborah Colotti

"I am angry. I am hopeful. I am cynical, yet full of humor. Whereas my working environment is surrounded by vast natural vistas for peaceful appreciation, my studio is loaded with objects and references gathered for their qualitative symbolism, as well as their emotive and aesthetic appeal. My mind roams around seeking connections between the absurd and the commonplace that I then pare down to essential personal and social symbols. As I arrange and rearrange the objects layered meanings are revealed and developed."

Its her installations that are unnerving me. Less alarming is her work with barbies.

In 1996 she began the current series "The Barbs". To date she has created more than 150 interpretations of Barb in the real world.


Her life has always been stiffly perfect. Mine has not. None of my friends’ lives have been either. How could we possibly identify with something so elusive and uniquely bland? Rather than trying to make myself as frozen and superficial as a doll, I decided to make Barbie more like me. And more like the lives I see around me everyday.

Barb does not grow up to live in a pink palace, with scads of furniture, clothing, and accessories – rather she is a down-and-out Bag Lady. Or a Battered Wife. Or an angry Spitting Nails Barb. Perhaps she is a Molested Barb haunted by ghosts. Or an Alcoholic Barb drowned in her champagne glass. She’s pinched, and squeezed, and ripped, and peeled. Like real people, she has acne, gets fat, and becomes old and wrinkled.

Finally, this corporate image of unattainable and undesirable womanhood is tarred, feathered, and exiled.

I, and others who have seen these Barbs, feel released from the pervasive, yet strangely hidden, cultural straitjacket in which Barbie has attempted to imprison contemporary female identity. People laugh, wince, gasp, and ultimately recognize how Barbie has attempted to entwine them.

The laughter and revelation is crucial to our collective feminine soul.

Ok I'm off now tho check what treat my pinterest has for me today.

Please let it be fluffy kittens, narwhals and unicorns

Queen Marie

Fashion Redux | The Bustier





Nothing sums up my style in the 80's and 90's more than the bustier. Whether that was a lace up black leather one to go to metal gigs, a shiny PVC one to go to an industrial club or a white lace one to go to Glastonbury festival, the bustier has been a constant in my wardrobe for the last 30 years. 

Unfortunately the ones I have in my closet at the moment no longer fit me, so recently I've been searching for a new one to wear in a slightly more fashionable way than in my early rock days. Bustiers are set to become a trend this season, following on from last season's corset belts, so I'm hoping I'll have some luck snagging a new one soon.



I've hunted high and low on Etsy and elsewhere and the best one I've found so far is by a New York label called Kaittitude, which features lace-ups and zips. This has everything I'm after but isn't available in her shop sadly.


The Lost Boys

In the 80's it was all about the stunning Jami Gertz' wardrobe in The Lost Boys, which featured white embroidery anglaise bustiers paired with floaty skirts and ankle jewellery. She was the girl we all wanted to be. Her outfit inspired my own when I went to Glastonbury for the first time and I wore a white embroidery anglaise bustier with a long white pettitcoat.


The Bralet

As well as the more traditional corset style bustier, I also adore the very contemporary bralet styles we've seen over years by labels such as Balenciaga and Ann Demeulemeester. I'm really into the relatively simple bralet as seen on Elisabeth Erm in the October 2016 issue of Amica magazine (above image). That whole look of high waisted, wide black trousers, slicked back hair and bralet is really where I'm at for summer. No doubt a look that will make its way onto the blog.


wish me luck...

Good Luck.

We can always do with a little more of it. 

It doesn't matter where it comes from. Lucky charms, holy medal, an answer to prayer, we all just need the blessings to flow...

My little garden shrines are always a good place to say a little prayer or two...

My little garden shrines are always a good place to say a little prayer or two...

Japanese streetwear stalwart WTAPS has always channeled combat and workwear inspirations for its pieces, so they may seem a strange place to look towards for more luck but for their 2016 season, the collection delivered this Capri Bell necklace inspired by the Capri Bell charms that World War II soldiers and fighter pilots kept in their jackets for good luck.

Coming in 100% silver and brass, the necklace features a T-bar bar charm with WTAPS four leaf clover branding, “1996″ to honor the label’s founding year, and “wish me luck” on the front. The necklace is made in Japan and retails for $296 USD for the silver and $156 USD for the brass version. 


“Once upon a time a little shepherd lived in Anacapri and he was the poorest among the poor children of the place. His only wealth was a small, ramshackle house that he shared with his mother, a widow, and a tiny sheep that he used to pasture on the slopes of Mount Solaro.
One evening as it was getting dark the child lingered to pick up flowers and when he turned around to call the small sheep he could not see her anymore. He felt a pang of pain in his heart! It was his best friend and companion, all that he had in the world. The boy searched and searched for his sheep, fearing it has stumbled from the rocks into the sea. Then, suddenly, he started to hear a bell start to ring in the distance and impulsively ran toward it. His tiny bare feet flew careless of the pebbles, of the thistles and of the night already fallen… until he got to the edge of a ravine.
A sudden flash of light stopped the boy in his tracks and, wrapped up in a golden beam, splendid on his white horse, San Michele appeared to him, the boy’s sheep by his side with a small, shining bell around its neck. ‘My boy, said the Saint, gesturing to the bell, take it and always follow the sound of it. It will keep you from all danger.’
Since then his life was filled with sweetness and happiness and every one of his wishes was satisfied. On the spot of the apparition a villa was built which was called San Michele.”

Queen Marie



Dress Down Days




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


Jeans. We all have them or at least owned a pair. In the past my life goal was finding the perfect pair for my skinny, bambi legs. Now, I'd just be happy with a vaguely flattering pair. I have dancers muscles but without the leanness so jeans are a nightmare for me. Getting a pair that works with bulky calves and skinny knees is tough, to say the least. 

When MiH send me some of their jeans a few years back, the fit was so wonderful it made me hopeful there were other jeans out there for me. One pair in particular, the Paris model, were as close to perfect as I'd found so far. They were slim jeans that weren't tight at the ankle and therefore had the best aspects of skinny and bootcut. One day I decided to crop them, and accidentally discovered the perfect cut for me. The cropped flare.

I wore them to death. I hunted high and low to find an already cropped pair with the same cut with zero success...until last week when I came across these Whistles cropped flares and which have the exact same look as my home cropped MiH pair. Take my money, please. 




ASOS White ruffled top // Thrifted leather top // Whistles jeans // Ann Demeulemeester shoes // Norwegian Wood necklaces // Summer Sleight earrings // Cheap Monday sunglasses


Whilst I'm as far from a jeans and tee blogger as you're likely to find, these particular jeans have barely been off me since I bought them and this is my version of a basic jeans and tee outfit. Oversized frills and leather layered on top, it's a dirty black summer.


float, float on...

So zero-gravity vinyl is really happening.

Over 717 kickstarter backers are helping make sure of that.

Only one month after launching on Kickstarter, the world’s first “levitating” turntable  exceeded its funding goal of $300,000.

The MAG-LEV claims to use patented technology to achieve magnetic levitation and “incredibly precise turning of the platter with sensor regulating software.” Its designers say that air is the smoothest medium, involving the least amount of friction.

“We were searching for a way to give people a better, newer way to experience vinyl records,” reads the concept design. “By pushing the frontier of audio technology, we were able to integrate the uplifting experience of music into the turntable design itself, bringing the feeling of zero gravity into your living room.”

The First Levitating Turntable is designed for people who appreciate high quality sound and innovative design. It comes with a Pre-Fitted tonearm and cartridge. This setup allows you to connect through phono in. Once you’re done, you just have to pick your favorite record, turn the turntable on, move the tone arm into position and lower the cueing lever. Then sit back, relax and enjoy.

Other specifications include a semi-automatic mechanism to lift the tonearm at the end of the record, a cueing mechanism, speed select and orange lighting that further enhances the levitating effect.

The turntable is expected to ship by the end of August 17.  If I had the money lying around, I would have been seriously tempted by this. Seriously tempted...

Queen Marie