We Have Each Other


Last week Prince B and I were invited to watch the World Premiere of Scottish Ballet's Each Other, as part of Dance International Glasgow 2017. Scottish Ballet commissioned the world renowned choreographic duo Ivgi & Greben to create the piece.

I wasn't sure what to expect at all when I stepped into the Tramway. I am always a bit apprehensive about purely contemporary ballet as it can be a bit hit or miss for me personally. Well, this was a hit from start to finish. Simply put, I was blown away.

The audience is confronted with piles of shoes and the dancers are frantically searching through these piles, looking for something familiar, something that belongs to them. To my eyes, it immediately felt like I was looking at a scene from pretty much every war-torn country, as families search for bodies or belongings of their loved ones in piles of rubble. This could be Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and even Northern Irelands during the troubles. It was all at once heart wrenching and mesmerizing and all taking place against the pulsating score composed by Tom Parkinson.


I'm not sure if the piece was meant to be political but it most definitely reflects everything that's happening in the world from Trump and his wall, to the Palestinians and Israelis. We are defined by divisions and conflicts, often not of our own making, but as human beings all we truly have in this world is each other and that if we were to truly unite we could stand against any oppressor.

It was impossible not to be moved by this piece. If it ever tours and it comes to a town near you, please go and see this. You won't be disappointed.


match made in heaven...


LONGSHAW WARD is the new Womenswear and Accessories label which launched with a Spring/Summer 2017 collection, by husband and wife team Kirsty Ward and David Longshaw. Oh this is match made in heaven!

Kirsty and David met in the design studio of Alberta Ferretti, in Italy. Having studied at St Martins and the Royal College of Art before working in Italy, they both separately launched their own eponymous labels in 2010.

‘We are thrilled to be finally joining forces and combining our talents for this new RTW label. We have always advised each other when working on our own individual collections, but we feel now is the time to come together to create something exciting, using the experience gained from our own labels to make one even stronger brand.’

Covetable contemporary pieces with a strong aesthetic will be the main principles of the brand’s DNA. The collections will concentrate on beautiful, detailed craftsmanship, for modern, intelligent women.

All pieces will be made in the UK, using thoughtfully sourced fabrics and materials.

The creative partnership will have its own unique handwriting to that of the duo’s previous labels. The brand will still echo Ward’s strong jewellery techniques, garment layering and masculine style with Longshaw’s more draped, feminine and hand drawn aesthetic.

Heavenly, just heavenly..

Queen Marie

Enter Oblivion




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


If you follow me on Instagram you will know I have recently rediscovered my plethora of black PVC trousers/leggings. As summer approaches my clothing choices tend to get darker as I find myself reverting to type. The prints and colours begin to get packed away and the dark half of Kingdom of Style comes out to play.

As you will probably realise by now, black outfits for me must involve lots of different textures so as not to be bland. Black can fall into bland territory real quick, so I like to make sure my outfit is as tactile as possible, and what's more tactile than oil slick legs? I have several pairs of PVC leggings Black Milk designed for me way back in 2008/9 and whilst I can still squeeze into them, they scream for help every time! These Les Chiffoniers leggings are a bit bigger so I can get them on easier but I'm looking for a better fitting pair. 


Les Chiffoniers PVC leggings // Jean Pierre Branganza jacket // Topshop Unique leather top // Jeffrey Campbell boots



I suspect my dark fashion outfits are not to most of your tastes, but they make me so happy. I feel absolutely most 'me' dressed like this. I adore my prints and colours too of course, as those are me too, but not historically me if that makes sense? This is who I've been since I was 12 years old. As a testament to how I feel about clothes like this - none of the clothing in this outfit is less than 7 years old because I never get rid of my darker pieces, compared to my printed and coloured pieces which are frequently passed on to charity shops or friends.

But don't worry dear readers, I won't subject you to a summer long blackout - just an intermittent one.


lost on you...

I've always wanted to be able to whistle.

I can't. I've tried to practice and learn many times.

So the other night getting ready to get out of the car, a spaghetti western style cowboy whistle right at the start of a song stopped me in my tracks

It was so incongruous that sat I in the car and listened to the whole song with my mouth wide open. Holy crap it was good. 

I came in, went straight onto you tube and found this. Say hello to LP. The wonderful Laura Pergolizzi...

I was astonished not just at how she sounded but how she looked, like a young John Cooper Clarke, complete with sneers reminiscent of Jonny Cash and Elvis

She caused a bit of a stir at South by Southwest back in 2006 when there was a virtual bunfight trying to sign her. But once signed labels had, they didn't really know what to do with her. Most of them trying to repackage the androgynous Pergolizzi in a dress and failing. 

Signed and dropped by three major record labels, Laura Pergolizzi had all but given up on a pop career until thanks to a release in Greece, Lost on you is captivating everyone that hears it.


I predict this song will be stuck in your head all weekend and even if it's not up your street, you can't argue that "So smoke em, if you got em, cos it's going down.."is the best lyric you're going to hear all year...

Queen Marie

the clue is in the name...

Normally the clue is in the name!

But if I were to say to you, what do you think Artistic Milliners make, like me, your first thought was probably hats. But again like me, your'e at the wrong end. They make jeans!

Here in The Kingdom, we don't just like to show you things you can buy, sometimes we like to take a nosey around behind the scenes and take a look at things that capture our interest and attention. Case in point how much work goes into designing and producing a new range of jeans.

Could you imagine there would be a whole research and development lab in Dubai. Well Artistic Milliners have one

To be fair, one person who won't be surprised is Queen Michelle. Hell she could teach them a thing or two about making the perfect pair of jeans. She spent most of 20's and 30's seeking them out. I'm laughing to myself typing this, remembering her excited wee face telling me over and over she had found the "perfect pair" only to have them utterly dismissed as totally disappointing two weeks later. 

Artistic Milliners will be exhibiting at Kingpins Amsterdam with two booths on 19th-20th April 2017. With a bold emphasis on technology and sustainability, Artistic Milliners will showcase a series of brand new concepts for AW2018/2019, “Sunday Jeans”, “The Conformist”, “Vintage Chic”, “On the Move”. 

The exclusive capsule collection is designed by Artistic Lab Dubai; the Research and Innovation Center, which serve as an incubator for design and development. It aims to provide a platform for designers, brands and partners to explore the extensive range of wet and dry processes using the latest sustainable finishing technologies. 

Lets be honest, we all need ourselves some Sunday jeans.

Queen Marie

The Grass Is Greener





I have a very shoogly internet connection at the moment so I'm writing quickly to get this up before it disappears again!

I want to show you the beautiful creations of menswear designer Craig Green. The London-born designer established his label in 2012, shortly after graduating the Fashion Masters course at Central Saint Martins and has already achieved critical and commercial success globally, stocked in stores like Farfetch, Dover Street Market, 10 Corso Como, Selfridges, Barneys, Joyce, Bergdorf Goodman and Galeries Lafayette and Matches.

The key concepts of uniform and utility run through every collection, whether that's mariners and seafarers or soldiers. He collides concepts of masculinity and femininity as we see not only military silhouettes but also skirts and beautiful tapestry-like patterns. Needless to say it's the eyelets and laceup details that excite me most about the AW16 collection as it has DIY potential written all over it.


Green’s accolades include Emerging Menswear Designer at The British Fashion Awards 2014, the BFC/GQ Designer Menswear Fund prize 2016, supported by Vertu, and British Menswear Designer at The Fashion Awards 2016.


love you more than bru...

After a heavy Easter weekend Im willing to bet there are lots of people nursing a can of iron bru today. It's the beloved hangover cure of Scots the world over. People love the bru. Really really love the bru.

That's why I laughed so much at this wonderful tote from the lovely Claire Barclay.

I love Claire's work. I have bought countless things from her over the last year or so.

Her work celebrates the cheeky and fun elements of our  Scottish culture.

Not all but a lot of her doodles are inspired by her general Scottishness and the funny quirks and sayings we have! 

All items are designed and handmade by her in her home studio in sunny Glasgow.

She even does custom commissions, whether it be an original illustration, a set of cards/invitations or a personalized one off piece of jewellery, you can email her with any queries at clairebarclaydraws@ gmail.com 

Translation - Bampot - crazy person

Translation - Bampot - crazy person

Translation - Bahoookie - backside, arse i.e. shake your bottom

Translation - Bahoookie - backside, arse i.e. shake your bottom

Translation -Nae Danger - No Danger, No Problem, No Worries    Peel Wally - Very pale and white. Typical Scottish Complexion Geeze a winch - Give me a kiss please

Translation -Nae Danger - No Danger, No Problem, No Worries   

Peel Wally - Very pale and white. Typical Scottish Complexion

Geeze a winch - Give me a kiss please

Translation Ya Dancer - You Dancer, Triumphant exclamation of happiness 

Translation Ya Dancer - You Dancer, Triumphant exclamation of happiness 

It's a bit too cold today, for taps aff. It's more taps oan...

Queen Marie


Spring Florals With Gant




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


I never imagined for a second my latest floral acquisition would come from GANT. I have always associated GANT with the place office girls buy their office shirts from and office men buy their chinos. Hardly my kinda shop. So when I was asked to style up a GANT shirt and I said "No thanks. I like my shirts with bold prints. I don't do white shirts unless they have massive sleeves". No sooner had I clicked send when I was sent back a link showing me rather a lot of fabulous printed and floral shirts. Well colour me shocked - they do a fabulous line in beautifully made printed shirts. I settled on this gorgeous voile shirt in red, white and blue flowers.

Between Trump and Brexit, red, white and blue isn't exactly associated with anything positive for me at the moment, but I'm hoping these cheery florals change that.


Gant shirt // Vintage leather trousers // Cheap Monday dress // Vintage bag // ASOS sunglasses // Topshop shoes



My wee outfit certainly garnered a few quizzical looks when Prince B and I took a wander to the Botanic Gardens last week to admire the plants. I guess the tourists just weren't ready to see a Scot in something that isn't a Rab C. Nesbitt string vest!


Living Sculptures...

No better way to start your Saturday than with some artworks that both amuse and bemuse from the wonderful Guda Koster

With her installations, sculptures and photographs, Dutch artist Guda Koster transforms the human body and attaches a new identity to her characters or to herself, using clothing as the main visual art form, patterns and colours to create surreal stories.

It is the outfit that defines daily life, our social position, the interaction with others and how we see ourselves. Often exaggerated, with humorous twists, reality is distorted or, better said, cleverly organized into codes and meanings which we can unriddle by focusing on the setting or the fabrics usually sewed by the artist herself.

The illusion and contrast between what is visible and what is invisible is also something that Guda Koster likes to play with. The impossibility of seeing the face of the subjects, covered with small houses, geometric shapes or certain burdens of social or religious nature, erases the limits between man and context, raises the mystery and appetite to learn more, offering the work an universal value.

“The clothed human figure becomes an integral part of a space or environment,” Koster says. “I am inspired by daily life, but I exaggerate it or I give it a humorous twist.”
In an interview with Art Cart, Koster says, “In our everyday lives we communicate our identity and social position primarily by means of our clothing. Clothing can be seen as a visual art form that expresses the way we see ourselves and our relationship with the world around us.”

A little whimsy at the weekend, what could be better...

Queen Marie


Tribal Dance




You may recall I featured the amazing work of our friends Dust & Beau from Jungle Tribe last week, well the boys have very kindly offered KOS readers some discounts across their three Etsy shops. If leather isn't your thing, to which I would first reply "are your insane?", then I would say then perhaps some gorgeous jewellery is.

Like everything Dust & Beau create, their jewellery pieces are designed with no trends in mind. As summer approaches I nearly always revert to type, which for me is rock gal, so I crave pieces like this more and more with every passing month.


Dust & Beau are offering you 10% off their couture leather and military line, Dust & Beau, by using the code MAYHEM.

You can get 15% off their amazing leather bags and bras and general badassery from JungleTribe by using the code JUNGLEKINGDOM.

And if gorgeous jewellery is more your thing, you can get 15% off JungleTribeCouture also using the code JUNGLEKINGDOM.


some art on your shoulder...

How is your Art History?

If I'm honest, pre 1800, mine is pretty sketchy. Apart the very obvious works, I would be hard pressed to name much by the Old Masters. It seems I am not alone, last year for the first time the values of Contemporary Art excelled those of the Old Masters.

But things may be about to change if Jeff Koons and Louis Vuitton have their way. Never thought I would be typing those two names together!

They have been working together for over a year in total secrecy on a project called Masters. A collection of 51 pieces including bags, scarves, key chains and small leather goods, including wallets and laptop sleeves!

They have been inspired by Mr. Koons’s “Gazing Ball” series of paintings from 2015, which featured exacting reproductions of various masterworks (Manet’s “Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe,” Monet’s “Water Lilies,” Klimt’s “The Kiss”) with blue reflective spheres normally used as lawn ornaments affixed on top and refracting the viewer, the collection comprises five of the most famous paintings in history, including the “Mona Lisa,” Van Gogh’s “Wheat Field With Cypresses” and Rubens’s “The Tiger Hunt,” all of which have been reproduced in high-definition detail on some of Vuitton’s most classic leather bags.

In place of a gazing ball, each bag has been adorned with highly reflective gold or silver letters spelling the artist’s name on the outside. The bottom edge features Mr. Koons’s initials — or logo — in one corner and Vuitton’s logo on the other. The leather loop around the handle that normally secretes a lock or an identification tag has been recut to resemble the Koons balloon bunny.

Over £2000 to carry around a little history on your shoulder.

How are you feeling about that?

I can't make my mind up how I feel about it to be honest...

Queen Marie

Ballet & The Body





There are countless challenges starting ballet in your late 30's and beyond, challenges not even people in the early 30's face. With every plié and every grand jete you are defying your body in the most brutal way. As it prepares to wind down, you are asking it to work harder than it's ever worked.

We force our bodies into submission with every single class. 

But beyond the physical aspect of ballet, older dancers have the additional challenge of working with the aesthetics of a rapidly ageing body. Ballet is as much visual as it is physical and we all associate ballet with long, lean bodies, but as dancers beyond our late 30's we know achieving that kind of body is impossible for us because nature simply won't allow it.

Ageing can make you more than a little self conscious about your body, but for me ballet makes it worse because unlike most people I, like all dancers, am confronted by my reflection in huge mirrors, whilst wearing a leotard and ballet tights for many hours a week.  In my 40's. That's fun.


Make no mistake though, as much as my ageing body annoys me sometimes, it never affects how I dress and it never will and the same goes for what I wear to ballet class. I take great pleasure in my printed leotards, bright leg warmers and wafty skirts. But earlier this week I was shooting a little ballet style post and I decided to take a photo wearing just tights and a leotard - the ballerina standard attire. This was a risky little game as It could have gone terribly wrong - I could have looked worse than I ever imagined and made myself utterly miserable.

Luckily for me, I was pleasantly surprised. Damn, if my body doesn't look pretty good! I might not have the 25" waist of 36 year old me but I realised it's because it's mostly been replaced with back and side muscles giving me a strong, athletic body. Ok I'd be lying if I said my stomach stays that flat all the time because it simply cannot - age bestows upon you greatly depleted muscle mass, meaning holding your core constantly is pretty much impossible, and a whole bunch of saggy, loose skin on top of that (thank constantly reducing collagen for that doozy) - but the fact is I'm a few weeks away from turning 44 and I'm wearing a leotard and tights and I'm not horrified. Until I took these photos I was really down on the fact ballet has given me a thick waist and rather developed trapezius muscles but actually in the context of ballet it doesn't look bad. 

I'd never wear this in class of course (see above outfit with more realistic skirt on top), but maybe I won't be so hard on myself when it feels like my ageing body is constantly letting me down because actually the poor thing is working so hard when all it wants to do is lie on the sofa and eat BBQ Pringles.


I might never have a flat chest and a six pack but I've got a body that's healthier than it was when I did have that little tiny waist, and you can't ask for better than that when you're hitting 44.


style in the sandbox...

Today we're meeting at the playground. But this is no ordinary playground!

Marni designed this super stylish sandy playground for Milan design week that's filled with brightly coloured furniture and toys made using traditional weaving.
The Marni Playland is made up of several different areas – marked out by brightly coloured circles of sand. In each, there are abstract reinterpretations of traditional playground equipment like swings and basketball hoops, as well as outdoor games like ring toss and push toys.

Each piece has been left for visitors to interpret as they see fit, with many objects designed to encourage play – like bright cones and hoops, or purposefully oversized baskets.
For those who wanted to settle down in the sand, there are also picnic blankets designed for the playground.
Scattered alongside the toys is furniture by the label, including rocking chairs, stools and seating with roofs. There are also armchairs that have scoop-shaped baskets attached to the arms, like miniature basketball hoops.

Marni worked with craftswomen in Colombia to create the collection, which is made from metal, painted wood and woven PVC cord. The furniture features brightly coloured checkerboard and striped patterns.

Marni plans to donate proceeds from sales of limited-edition products to children's charity Only the Brave, and will also host a children's workshop in the space.

Chairs and marni. Oh what happy post...

Queen Marie

Good Nun Gone Bad




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


You know how much I like to channel my inner badass nun,  well this time she's cutting loose big time and getting down and dirty with leather and hardware.

This is typical of the kind of odd little narratives that accompany my outfits. Dressing should be fun and silly.

I can't imagine a life where all you care about when you get dressed is looking chic. How

utterly, mind-numbingly dull. 

Basically what I'm saying is sometimes you just need to wear two dresses. In my case, two dresses that kinda have contradictory styles.

On one hand my extremely demure Deandri dress, with its below the knee hem, buttoned up to the neck collar and sleeves to the wrist, and on the other my biker gal Zara Studio dress with zips and hardware in pleasing amounts.  


Zara Studio leather dress // Deandri dress // Oh Hey Girl belt // Jeffrey Campbell boots


lost memories...

My memory is not the best. Good grief, I can even forget why I have walked into the kitchen most days. But today we are looking at Lost Memories the new Spring Summer 17 collection from Fresh Jealous.

FreshJealous was created in 2011 by Augusto Soares Silva, opening its first store in 2015, in Oporto. It's a youthful and versatile brand that creates practical and lifestyle adaptable pieces, constantly recreating itself in new inspirations, materials, colours, fits, textures, always with a strong visual impact. The designer Catarina Cunha got her Fashion Design degree at Escola de Moda do Porto in 2016 and, beyond working for FreshJealous, also complements the practical portion of her degree with a course of confection and modelling in Gudi. 

The main trend are the patterned fabrics, some very quirky with geometric styles, stripes and polka-dot, others more organic and minimal, and very graphic choices such as maps that transport us through seas and lands during this voyage that is the launching of a new collection.The warmth of the yellow contrasts with the cold blue, grey and black, as it happens in nature and time, in the sequence of days and nights.A chromatic choice that recalls the warmer seasons, the blue skies, the sea, the sun, the sand, all the elements that prompt the hot weather.

You can take a look at the complete lookbook here:

Ok that's it for today, now where did I put my tea???

Queen Marie

Walking Work Of Art





I would never call myself a work of art...unless I'm wearing one that is. Last week Prince B and I went to visit the Duchess and because it was due to be rather sunny, I wore one of my Jean Pierre Braganza dresses for a lovely wee walk around Prince B's former hood. This isn't an outfit post per se, but I thought the dress was worth sharing because it's absolutely gorgeous.


Jean Pierre Braganza dress // Vintage shirt, worn underneath // & Other Stories hat // Balenciaga boots // Whistles biker jacket // Lautem bag



I don't know the name of the artwork or artist however, but it's just so perfect when featured on a silk tunic. Sadly JP closed the doors on his label a while ago so the pieces I have of his are now even more precious to me and this dress is one of my favourites.


Elvis called...

Elvis called, he wants his coat back!!!

Don't ask me why, but that's the phrase that popped into my head when I looked at this wonderful Dandelion wool coat from Blindness.

I know perfectly well that The King would overheat horribly trying to eat fried chicken with this sucker on in the hot Tennessee sun but that's just how my brain works. I think it was the flares and the white leather boots that sent me down that track to Graceland.

Blindness is a curious label. I don't think we have featured before but who knows, after all this time even I am having a hard time keeping track. BLINDNESS was founded in the spring of 2013 and is based in Seoul, Korea.

BLINDNESS represents the dynamic combination between contemporary art and youth culture and always explore new mood and concept.The collections are defined by its signature minimalism use of the artworks and developed fabrics in contemporary mood.

But the most interesting thing of all, is that fact that they regard the label as totally gender fluid. Designers KyuYoung Shin and JiSun Park debuted the brand in 2013. Their The Danish Girl–inspired spring 2017 collection was filled with corset-inspired silhouettes, pearl trims, and millennial-pink ruffles — mostly shown on men. It was enough to grab the attention of the judges behind the LVMH prize, where they finished as semifinalists.

After being noticed by one of the most influential luxury-fashion conglomerates, they decided to go a step further for their fall collection. This time taking as inspiration the death of David Bowie and his fashion legacy. What resulted was a pearly shiny collection of puffers, dresses and superhero style cowboy boots...

I don't know about David Bowie but I'm looking at the skirt and boots above and thinking Wonder Woman all the way. Couldn't finish without this wonderful hoodie for Queen Michelle.

Queen Marie

Current Favourites // March


It's been a long while since I've done a Current Faves post so I thought it time I shared the things I'm really into just now. There is only four his time though but it's a good four.




I extolled the plentiful virtues of Iolla glasses on Tuesday but I loved them so much I went back and got some others. I chose the elegant Murray model in black. A classic shape and flattering on pretty much every face.

placement box.jpg
placement box.jpg


Whilst these are not massively long lasting, the colours are amazing. Bold and bright my two fave colours are 307 which is a bubblegeum pink and 308 which is a super bright orange.


Whilst, judging by the tumble weed blowing through Monday's outfit post, you guys clearly don't share my love of hats and ears, but I can't get enough. My Bernstock Spiers bunny caps never fail to cheer me up.

placement box.jpg


I cannot tell you how much I want this top. It's been in and out of my shopping basket about a million times. It's not just the perfect summer item, it's a great layering piece too. Help, what will I do?!

A secret within a secret...

When it comes to photography, I'm with Diane Arbus - A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.

One photographer that creates beautiful wonderful secretive images better than most is the deeply talented Erik Madigan Heck.

In contemporary fashion photography, Heck is something of an anomaly – a very successful anomaly who steers his own path. His work is elegant and unashamedly beautiful, exploring the intersections of fashion, painting and classical portraiture. 

Working with natural light and combining in-camera effects with digital post-production, he produces evocative and seductive images that are simultaneously timeless and futuristic. Thames and Hudson have just published Erik Madigan Heck:  Old Future 

It presents more than 100 photographs in a flowing, chromatic sequence. With essays by Susan Bright and Justine Picardie that look at Heck’s place within the realms of both art photography and fashion, and with an index to the photographs captioning the piece, model, designer, collection or publication in which each image appeared.

He celebrates beauty in an industry in which, he’d argue, beauty is especially difficult to address. His work’s otherworldly nature—achieved by pairing an uncanny flatness with vibrant contexts—rises to the occasion. Using highly saturated hues, the 33-year-old fuses models, whose backs often face the camera, with their surroundings in a pure, nonhierarchical manner that brings the entire picture to life. His images blur the lines between painting and photography; many were captured with the same lens his artist mother gave to him when he was 14...

I try to represent women in a way where they aren’t sexualized. I feel we should present women as beautiful, as opposed to being sex objects. I always propose to magazines doing stories where we don’t see the face, even though very few publications have said yes. By removing that one element, people start noticing everything else in the picture.
My work is equally as commercial as it is personal, or artistic. I’ve found it to be much more rewarding to compose an image that functions as both. When you make really beautiful commercial images while being able to instill your ethical ideals into that setting, it’s almost more rewarding in a way because you’re up against so many variables to get there. If you can make it through that and still have a striking image, you’ve done well.

Much as I adore his work, am I the only one disappointed with the book cover?

Have they kept it purposely lo key, all the better for the glory within to burst forth once you open the pages.

But I can't help but feel they missed a trick.

And yes Queen Michelle before you say it, he looks right up my street!

Queen Marie

bottoms and brocade...

Sometimes you fall behind and a collection slides right under your radar. 

Under it goes without a ping and then all of a sudden you come across a single image that totally captivates you and has you instantly scrambling onto vogue.com to see what the hell you missed and to give yourself a swift kick up the arse for doing so at the same time

Case in point the Spring 17 Fendi Collection which showed in Milan in September 2016.

I have to say right up front, I'm not a massive Fendi fan but oh my word what a wonderful, glorious collection this is. Karl and Silvia created a bucolic world of rich metallic brocades, lingerie silks and glitter lips. And the bags, oh my good lord the bags. Like little beaded confections, I never thought I would find myself wanting a fend bag. But I did. I want them all.

Even the models look like little walking handbags with the studs and decorations in their hair and even on their sunglasses.

There are ribbon-tied aprons of heavily embellished brocade fabric over trousers or even just pants ( although I don't suggest that in chilly Scotland) organza blouses with scalloped edges running around the shoulders and sleeves and stripes, lots and lots of stripes. Even on little knitted sock boots which will have a lot of hearts beating faster.

But it was the bags that have captured my imagination. Those rosebuds and those guitar strap handles, heavenly, heavenly, heavenly.

Sitting here with a severe hankering for a Fendi bag, who'd have thunk it?

Queen Marie