Supercomfortable Superchair




Prince B and I may not own our own home and never will, but that doesn't stop me daydreaming of what our home would look like. Needless to say it comes hand and hand with a lottery win.

I came across this stunning chair designed by French designer Guillaume Morillon, who graduated from the Ensaama Olivier de Serres in Paris in 2009 and from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2014.
This chair, entitled La Balle, he describes as " the fusion of a chair and a superhero. Considering a superhero as a human being with overdeveloped skills - wearing exuberant costumes indicating the nature of his power - What would a Superchair look like? One of the main function of the chair is to introduce optimal proportions for a ideal confort: The super chair aims to offer a Supercomfortable sitting experience through its heroic attitude and generous texture."


This does indeed look like the most comfortable chair there ever was. However, I am now at that age where I make strained sounds whenever I get off of a chair so I suspect sitting on this would be a constantly noisy experience, lest there was some kind of hidden device which could propel me out of it each time. But then if I win the lottery I wouldn't be moving anyway so bring it on!


a cut above...

Sometimes on pinterest you come across an image that captivates you so completely, you spend the next few day thinking - why does my brain not work that way?

So it was when I came across this one above by Madrid based photographer and artist Pablo Thecuadro. He cuts apart fashion editorials and photographs to create abstract slightly surreal collages.
Using editorial images from other photographers as well as his own, Thecuadro puts them together by hand with a cutter. He mainly shares his latest works on his Tumblr and his artworks has been featured in publications such as ELLE Serbia and Cosas Couture.

In a statement about his work, Thecuadro says: “The collages I make express the duality in the human being, who we want to be versus who we really are and what part of us we show to others. ‘Collage Art’ is a never ending process, you can put as many images you want together over and over again.”

Taking a different approach but creating equally wonderful images is Marcelo Montreal, a Brazilian digital collage artist based in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

”Faces I always drew attention. And if i stressing? If the let loose from the rest of the body, which would be within? Well, to me, still I think that people have a little bit of beauty within them by more that this is saved and only revealed in rare moments. The result of this reflection gave rise to this series called: Faces [UN]bonded.”

Flowers and Christopher Walken are a match made in heaven...

Now pass the scissors please, it's about time I tried to get more creative...

Queen Marie

Abstract Expressionism



Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


I'm really into prints again, in a big way. I lost my print mojo for a while there as everything started to feel too girly, too 'nice'. Even in my most feminine of outfits I still like there to be a fairly masculine, dressed down element in there too but I found I wasn't getting that into my print based outfits. As someone who spends half her life in a leather cut-off and tight black jeans, I am not entirely comfortable looking mega, mega girly. So I've been counterbalancing these kinds of outfits with basic trainers. It makes everything feel much more laid back.

My Thakoon skate shoes, with their various sized eyelets, provided the impetus to finally wear my DIY corset belt in an outfit. It sat in the wardrobe patiently waiting for it's debut since I made it a few months ago and finally it's day came. When the eyelets on your shoes match your belt, it's fashion serendipity.



Coat, Tara Jarmon // Dress, ASOS WHITE // Top, H&M // Shoes, Thakoon // Belt, DIY



Don't get me wrong, if a badass pair of heels came along that rocked my world I'd ditch the trainers in a heartbeat, but there hasn't been anything so far. That's not to say I don't keep my eye out, because I do, but for now I'm happy in a pair of fairly basic kicks. 

lie lie land….

I don't know about you but I'm genuinely struggling to watch the news these day.

It's lies, lies and more dammed lies which is why this new London street work by Bambi put a great big smile on my face this week...

The work, entitled Lie Lie Land, features a dancing Theresa May and Donald Trump in the pose made famous by the movie La La Land.

 It can be found at the corner of 40 Cross St and Shillingford Street, London N1 2BA.

Bambi says “Lie Lie Land is a parody of the blockbuster Hollywood movie La La Land. The original film poster for La La Land is pasted everywhere in London - on buses on bus-stops on billboards, a happy couple dancing without a care in the world. The film was released during a dark political time in our world when our government lied about trident and literally held hands with Donald Trump.”

 Bambi is the pseudonym of a contemporary British street artist. Her works focuses on contemporary female identity and its relationship to patriarchal culture. She also keenly highlights political and social injustices. This is the first street work unveiled by the artist in recent months, and is the first of a series of works she has planned for 2017.

As for the film itself, Meh Meh land might be more accurate.

I'm a huge fan of musicals and was really looking forward to it. Yes it looked really pretty in parts but the whole thing just felt a little insipid to me and that's before it dawned on me that even after 5 minutes had passed I couldn't recall a single song from the whole damm movie!!!

I think I'm going to go and put "On the Town on. Now there's a real musical...

Queen Marie

It Means Uniform


Dots Dash is a collaborative shoe brand which sell "contemporary uniforms for city women". The dots dash in the name is morse code for the letter 'U' for uniform. Whilst the word "uniform", when associated with any label, would normally have me run a mile as it doesn't suggest individuality, I think it's a misleading word in this context as these shoes are far from basic or uniform.

Dots Dash is created by a pool of young designers, who have been recruited by the brands Push Me programme. They explain the Push me programme as "a platform for up-and-coming designers, a fast track to a head-turning fashion brand. We constantly search for young talent to join our professional team, gain experience and help bring their ideas to life."

The website however is slightly frustrating because whilst it's described as a shop, it isn't really as you can't just go ahead and buy a pair of shoes, you merely vote for the shoes you want to see produced. How long does it take to see which shoes finally get produced? Who knows. This is basically feels a lot like a Kickstarter campaign.


However, if you are patient and don't mind waiting, the shoes themselves are all made in Spain and won't cost you the earth, with all of them costing under 300 euros. 


Brain dust...

Just when you think you  have seen it all.

Brain Dust.

Hell, I need a new brain, never mind just some dust to help the one I have...

Apparently, "Moon Juice Brain Dust is an adaptogenic potion that lights up your brain and increases mental flow by feeding neurotransmitters and brain tissue. Neuron velocity and vision are fine tuned by toning the brain waves, in particular the alpha waves that connect to creativity"

Forget your juicer ( not that I ever had one), this year it's all about Dust! (although here in The Kingdom there is only one true Dust, take a bow madam x)

The dust concoctions that everyone is loving  are from Moon Juice, Each type of dust features a combination of herbal supplements designed to enhance a user's natural beauty, energy, memory, stamina, sleep, or relaxation.

You just sprinkle them into hot water, tea, juice or whatever you fancy and voila!!! It's a whole new you.

The different types of Moon Juice Dust are:

Beauty Dust: "a radiant edible formula alchemized to expand your beauty, luster, and glow from within" using goji, rehmannia, schisandra, and pearl

Sex Dust: "a lusty edible formula alchemised to ignite and excite your sexy energy in and out of the bedroom" using ho shou wu, cacao, shilajit, maca, schisandra, cistanche, and epimedium

Brain Dust: "an adaptogenic elixir to maintain healthy systems for superior states of clarity, memory, creativity, alertness and a capacity to handle stress" using astragalus, shilajit, maca, Lion's Mane, rhodiola, and ginkgo

Power Dust (formerly known as "Action" Dust): "an ancient elite formula to support your peak performance, stamina, and longevity, while aiding in healthy recovery" using astragalus, ginseng, eleuthero, schisandra, and rhodiola

Dream Dust (formerly known as "Good Night" Dust): "a soothing edible nightcap alchemised to lull you into deep, restorative nocturnal tranquility" using zizyphus, schisandra, chamomile, and polygala

Spirit Dust: "a divine edible formula alchemised to help you unwind, expand peaceful awareness and align with bliss" using goji, astragalus, reishi, longan, and salvia

I think I would need some actual space dust to square me up but I confess I would be curious to try some of these out to see if they really work...

Queen Marie


A Little Laurie Lee



Oh I do love me a bit of Laurie Lee. Her custom painted biker jackets make me chuckle and also make me think of my teens, where I was the resident biker jacket painter in my little metal gang because I was the artistic one.

My version of Pushead artwork was not a patch on Lee's biker jackets however, which feature colourful typography with cocky statements. My favourite is definitely Potatoes Gonna Potate.  Because they do.


She will also customise your Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, you know if you have a spare one lying around, as one does.


I think all fellow freelancers will appreciate the to-the-point slogan on this Louis Vuitton purse. You need to provide your own LV purse for this cheeky treatment too.


Each new biker jacket cost £599 but some are restored vintage biker jackets which are slightly cheaper. I might not have £599 to spend on one of these glorious creations but it might have inspired me to dig out the paints again. 


a lot of work...





I can't really argue with the sentiments expressed on these wonderful pouches from Ohh Deer    

Hmmmm could that be the reason I've got no Valentines Cards today?

Yes I know it's a 'consumerist driven, trivial interpretation of love day' but there is always a wee corner of my girlish heart  that hopes I will be surprised with a token of admiration.
But realistically I know it is a vain hope so why not join me in a prowl around ohh deer and treat yourself to something that makes you laugh.
I only recently found this site and I'm so glad I did. It' a kind of a cross between Lazy Oaf, Howkapow and Urban Outfitters.

Needless to say it's their sense of humour that will see me become a regular customer. Basically they offer up wonderful quirky illustrated gifts, clothing and everything in between. 
Launched in 2011 by Jamie Mitchell and Mark Callaby they work with 35 illustrators who span several countries, with each illustrator taking a direct cut from their sales.
Here are my favourite picks for today...









And finally for all of you people lucky enough to have someone to kiss today, you had better make sure your lips are in tip top condition...



Queen Marie

Geometric Class




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


Being a child of the 70's it's little wonder I feel so at home in geometric prints. Aside from oversized polka dots, which is perhaps my biggest weakness, a geometric pattern is a massive favourite of mine. This is a rather horrible vintage polyester shirt and skirt suit, but the print is so fantastic it's entirely worth the daily electrocutions you receive thanks to static.



The Details


Geometric skirt and shirt, vintage // Top, Morphe // Stole, Florence Bridge // Bag, Issey Miyake // Trainers, Lonsdale


With the horrible weather we've been having of late, a little colour is just what you need to bring some cheer to otherwise depressing days. It would have been better if we'd gotten a decent day to shoot this cheery ensemble but sadly I had to pick a location that was reasonably sheltered from the wind. Ah the trials of being a Scottish blogger..


sitting on sputnik...

I've told you all before of my wee grans deep held belief in the evil power of the Sputnik.

 Many many moons ago, I wrote a post sharing the story of how she blamed the sputnik for everything that went wrong.

From bad weather to bad tv reception, everything was laid at the door of that orbiting hunk of metal. So can you imagine how horrified she would be at the suggestion of sitting on a sputnik chair!!!

Me on the other hand, I would love, love, love to sit on this chair!

The limited edition Sputnik chair by Harold Sangouard of Harow has been shortlisted for The Chair category in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017. Made of hand-cast aluminum and steel, the individually numbered chairs come in a raw or polished finish.

The Sputnik chair is directly inspired from the satellite of the same name. Simple, effective and timeless were the main criterias for this piece. The Sputnik chair is voluntarily rude in its aspect and goes straight to the point. The simplicity of the used materials focuses on perfect union of functionality and aesthetics. Made out of hand-cast aluminum and steel, the chair demonstrate how basic materials can be used with elegance.
Besides the political aspect and the race to space, the only function of the Sputnik satellite was to send “bips” to the earth. The Sputnik chair was created with the same leitmotiv and all the superfluous were set aside.

Its 4 asymmetric feet were directly inspired from the satellite antenna and ensure a flawless contact with the ground. As simple as it looks, the chair is a real technical challenge in its making. The main difficulty was to find the perfect blend between elegance and robustness. With a diameter of 58 cm the Sputnik chair uses the exact same dimensions as the satellite for the aluminum seating. The asymmetric incurved feet are made out of steel to ensure a flawless solidity.

Now if you will excuse me, I had better get this posted fast as my internet signal is acting up. And we all know who's to blame for that, don't we?

Queen Marie

Hair Today...




Laser hair removal. Never something I have considered since the thought of being zapped by a laser isn't terribly appealing. Lasers should be the domain of bald men with cats, ransoming the world for one million dollars.

I've heard it feels like getting snapped by a bunch of elastic bands. Well, that sounds awful. I'll stick with waxing thank you very much. Until....

We received an email inviting us to try out pain free laser hair removal, courtesy of the shiny new Thérapie Clinic in Glasgow which opened in October last year. Pain free? I was skeptical.


Out of curiosity I asked them to expand on the pain-free aspect and I was told that, unlike IPL, the laser hair removal process used by Thérapie is indeed pain free as the lasers are more targeted so the old fashioned elastic bands snapping on your skin sensation is all but eliminated.

I decided to give it a go. What's the worst that could happen? I get zapped, it hurts and I don't continue with the treatment.

The Treatment

I admit, sitting in the waiting room I almost bottled out of it about 5 times but then I was greeted by Fiona, the Manager and Heimen, my Therapist, who took me through the whole process step by step. After being talked through what was going to happen. I was much calmer and never felt pressured at any point at all.

So what's involved with the actual treatment?

The area you are having lasered is cleansed and a cold gel applied. Heimen drew a little grid on me of where she was going to be directing the laser, talking me through each step as she did it. It was then time to apply the laser. By this point I was just about hyperventilating and she hadn't even done anything yet! (did I mention I'm a total wimp?). But I put on my big girl pants and told her to fire up that laser and zap me. 


The laser has a freezing cold tip which touches the skin directly. This chills the skin preparing it for the laser, which heats up to about 50 degrees. When the skin is suitably cooled, Heimen then switches on the laser. You feel a strange cold and hot sensation simultaneously. You are asked to grade the feeling between 0 - 5, with 5 being too hot. The aim is to hover

around the 2 mark. Your Therapist will constantly ask you how each zap feels and if it ever gets too hot, she stops and cools the skin down again. But is it pain free? Mostly yes. I only experienced one 5 which was during my patch test which, to be honest, gave me more of a fright than actual pain, but the actual treatment was entirely pain free. Result!


Thérapie use high end, medical grade lasers and you will normally need about 6 treatments, unlike IPL where you need about 12 treatments. You might wonder why you need multiple treatments at all. It's because the laser can only work if the hair follicle is attached to a blood

supply. Since the growth cycle of each hair is different, only some are attached to a blood supply at any given time. Therefore in each treatment you might get around 20% of the hair, so you need several treatments to ensure all the hair is zapped. 


Why choose Thérapie

So what makes Thérapie different? Well, apart from using pain free lasers, the other reason is cost. Therapie believe in fair pricing. And it is very fair. For example, getting your top lip lasered will normally cost you around £600 however with Thérapie it will only cost you £114. That makes treatment a very real option for many people who would otherwise have to discount it. This is especially valuable if you have PCOS and other hormonal issues causing

unwanted hair, as the NHS no longer offer patients hair removal. Excess hair caused by hormonal syndromes is distressing, so for Thérapie to offer a very affordable option is incredibly valuable.

So I have to get another 5 treatments, each 4 weeks apart. I will of course be reporting back on the final results!


it all comes back to art...

With Raf Simmons, it's always about the art. He has declared he needs it like air. He needs it to live. So no small surprise that his first Calvin Klein campaign sees him in an art gallery.

 Shot and styled by his long-time collaborators Willy Vanderperre and Olivier Rizzo, these images are without doubt setting out his stall for what is to come.

 “The Spring 2017 Calvin Klein campaign is a celebration of these American classics, placing the archival denim, cotton tank top and quintessential men’s briefs in playful contrast and context with great works of art from the second half of the 20th century. Here the clothes strike up a conversation with the art much the way designers and artists in New York’s Pop heyday would have in the streets of SoHo or on the dance floor of Studio 54.”

There's not a supermodel or a social media star in sight. The focus is firmly on the art.

 More precisely, the work of three Americans: Richard Prince, Andy Warhol and Sterling Ruby. (Simons has previously collaborated with the latter on his eponymous label and at Dior). In most shots, the faces of the models are obscured, or directed away from the camera towards the backdrop of art.

It seems certain that Simons is going to have a more cerebral take on things over there. 

Working with Peter Saville he has already reworked the logo

The fashion label has swapped out its lowercase logotype for an uppercase one with a smaller kerning gap between letters, retaining its black colour and sans-serif.
The new logo was unveiled on the brand’s Instagram account, with Calvin Klein saying that the new logo is a “return to the spirit of the original”.

Watch this space, this is going to be good...

Queen Marie

Latest Inspiration


When inspiration hits you, it's a wonderful thing. I scour t'internet looking for anything at all that inspires me. It could be a picture of a puppy (usual), some wise words or some seriously shit hot style.

So, what's been inspiring me lately?



I came across the 2015 graduate collection of Central St Martin's student Robert Wallace and it's all I can think about. It tickles every fibre of my fashion being, including my ruffle funny bone.

Sadly, he's been dormant since this collection and has very little by way of web presence so no idea when, or even whether, he'll be launching his career. I would kill for any of these glorious pieces though. Olive green leather ruffles? Oh hell yeah!




Ever since I can remember, I've had a weakness for shoes with a pointy toe. I remember being 13 years old and heading to the city to buy my first pair of buckled stiletto ankle boots from the goth shop in Virgin Megastore. They had a 4" inch heel and toes you could pick winkles with. I may only have been 13 but I felt so grown up wearing them.

Nowadays, my tastes tend to favourite flat shoes and for SS17 I have earmarked either some Marni, Krizia or Marques' Almeida pointy toes to hopefully make it into my wardrobe.

Marques' Almeida images via Slick Magazine. Photos by Nico Stinghe.

Marques' Almeida images via Slick Magazine. Photos by Nico Stinghe.

minty fresh...

The power of a good shot never fails to impress me.

When I clicked onto sue gregor's site, the above shot was so bright and inviting I almost wanted to lick the screen. The colours were so vibrant and fresh I imagined those perspex cuffs were going to taste minty fresh!!!

Earrings, necklaces, cuffs and bangles, Sue designs and produces unique perspex pieces in a range of beautiful colours with natural designs.

Each piece is individually handmade using real  flowers and leaves to create the designs. The wild plants and weeds that grow in front gardens and wastelands, in hedges and along paths are a rich source of material. Sue collects, dries and presses the leaves and flowers and then use them to create the designs using a process she developed which she calls ‘fossilized' as the fine detail and even the veins of the leaves show on the embossed surface of the acrylic.

The leaves perish in the process so each piece is unique as all leaves and flowers differ from all others. They are a memory to each individual leaf.  Sue wants to convey the narrative of nature claiming back the man made so she confronts the synthetic with the wild, by using plants to produce beautiful and individual acrylic jewellery. 

How lovely is that...

Queen Marie

Silver Surfer




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


I'm running out of things to show you in outfits that you haven't seen a million times before. 

This is super basic outfit I wore last week to run errands. Even basic outfits can have some dazzle though, such as my Florence Bridge stole and silver leather top. This top is a stalwart in my wardrobe and one you're all probably of bored of seeing but damn, it looks great with everything.




The Details


Silver leather top, ASOS White // Skirt, Oh Hey Girl // Shirt, H&M (gifted by Dust) // Scarf, Florence Bridge // Bag, Balenciaga // Hat, Bernstock Spiers // Trainers, Lonsdale


Also with basic outfits, in additional to dazzle, I like to try and make it a little more interesting with a colour palette. In this case, my scarf dictated the palette of blue, grey and white. A perfect way to make a denim and trainers outfit look vaguely pulled together.


black satin and duct tape...

Just when I thought it wasn't possible to love Raf anymore, this week he sent his models onto the runway in black satin coats held closed with duct tape!!!

Relocated to New York for the Calvin Klein gig ( I seriously can't wait to see what he does there) he delighted many when he also chose to show his own label there.  For a man who always designs with his heart on his sleeve, the commencement of the Trump Circus is weighing heavy on hearts and minds not just Raf's.

Talking about his collection he said -  “While we were working on it, something happened that you would not even imagine. You can only speak up, I think, and bring a kind of energy and things that stand against it. I think that’s my challenge now.”

He more than rose to the challenge!

He aimed to create a new sort of punk uniform, wrapping the “lowest materialisation” — duct tape — around a traditional, elegant satin crombie coat. Black duct tape was used to make pintucks on the back a pair of trousers, and yellow duct tape was screen-printed with buildings from the New York skyline. The collection was a love letter to New York with “I ♡ You” sweaters slung over one shoulder in super slouchy style. 

It's an odd thing. The last three collections that have genuinely stirred my soul have all been menswear collections. I don't know what that means but suffice to say, Raf has got me looking at black satin with fresh ( and longing) eyes. I'm also super smitten with the necklaces.

Head over to his site now and you can see the show in all it's splendour..

Queen Marie

Studio Style





I've been sharing my ballet studio style on Instagram lately, mostly because it's not very easy to share ballet videos since recording in our long, narrow studio is pretty impossible because there isn't enough focal length between me and the camera to fit me all in. So this is the next best thing.

For me, clothing is armour. It's what gives me confidence to get out and face the day no matter how I feel inside, and what I wear in the ballet studio serves the same purpose. If I feel confident then I'm less likely to focus on jiggly boobs, wobbly thighs or a puffy tummy. There is nothing worse than trying to dance that complex allegro and your leotard is too low and threatening to pop a boob out!

I like to express myself in the studio with lots of colour and print - just as I do with daywear. Long skirts are left long or rolled up, legwarmers are rolled up or sometimes one is removed if I need to see my line leg more clearly, t-shirts are added for warmth or just for those day when you feel a bit podgy. Everything has a reason. The colours and print? That's just for fun.

Are you a dancer? What's your studio style?


ash to art…

In May 2014, the Glasgow School of Art suffered an awful awful fire that caused significant damage, including the loss of its celebrated Charles Rennie Mackintosh Library. On hearing the news or seeing the smoke, people burst into tears, myself and Queen Michelle included. The Art School is a building that is close to everyone's heart.

But not just the hearts of people in Glasgow. People throughout the country and all over the world have been helping to raise money since that day to help pay for the restoration of this precious place.

 Bill Hartley and Giles Hepworth of JWT London decided to help with the cause, and devised a campaign that asked celebrated artists to create new works out of ash from the wreckage.
Twenty five artists including Simon Starling, Sir Antony Gormley, Grayson Perry, Cornelia Parker, Jenny Saville and Douglas Gordon have contributed to the campaign, and the artworks will be auctioned at Christie's London on March 8.

Hartley and Hepworth explained Ash to Art saying -

"It seemed appropriate to use a by-product of the School's fire as the tool of its rebirth. By putting debris from the fire into the hands of artists, it places the future of the School firmly in the hands of the UK's creative community."

Pieces include a ceramic etched with the words “Art is dead. Long live Art” by Grayson Perry, shown at the top of the post.

Perry said: “It’s a tragedy. It’s the most famous art school building in Britain. It’s also the masterpiece of Mackintosh. It’s a double tragedy. I was very excited when I received the box of charcoal. I had an idea almost immediately and the idea of making an urn was an obviously thing to do. The idea of memorialising or celebrating the difficulty – honouring the wound. It’s something I’m trying to do. Move on and make the most of it.

The group of 25 international artists has seven Turner prizes between them, each creating pieces of photography, sculpture, paintings and more. A note was sent to each artist with pieces from the damaged building, explaining what the debris was – some sent charred timber or pieces of furniture – and the project concept. Ash to Art hopes to reach their £32 million target.

Queen Marie

Spring Forward





You guys didn't love the gingham on Monday so I have decided to spare you the second installment of Two Days Two Ways and instead I am sharing the gloriously cheerful work the Stefania Marra.


After completing a Diploma in Fashion Design at Istituto Carlo Secoli in 2004, Stefania went on study Fashion Design at GED Institute. After a short spell in London she then joins the studio of Giovanni Cavagna working as a style manager until 2011. During this time she worked with brands such as Patrizia Pepe, Caractère and Luisa Cerano.

She went on to work in a small co-working space with designers, artisans and graphic designers and begins her own label, experimenting with new techniques and unusual juxtapositions. 


There is pretty much nothing here I don't love. Denim blue and neon yellow is a colour combination that has become a bit of a modern classic. The splashes of silver with the neon is such a fresh combination too and one I'll never tire of seeing.

I have so many favourite pieces in this collection but the patterned culottes are highest on the list. sadly she doesn't have an online shop so these will not be making their way into my wardrobe. Sad face.


beside the seaside...

Not long now until oor Frannie and I head off on our annual pilgrimage to Cellardyke to freeze our arses off, climb on the rocks, walk on the beach and eat so many fish suppers that we can hardly move.

The smell of the sea and seaweed is part of the magic. No pretty beaches or heat for us.

So its the perfect time to share the work of jeweller Emma Wylie whose work is inspired by these sort of things.

I came across her double hollow ring ages ago and couldn't stop thinking about it.

The Hollows Collection is inspired by the way water shapes and sculpts the environment around it. The power that the sea has to erode coastlines, the force that a river uses to carve rock and stone into a channel and the way that pebbles are rubbed smooth over time. Made of Sterling Silver and Oxidised Silver, each piece is hand crafted and unique.

Emma is a Jewellery Designer and Maker based in the Southside of Glasgow. Since graduating from Middlesex University, London with a First Class Degree in Jewellery Design she has enjoyed experimenting with sculptural carving and casting techniques to create pieces that are individual and unique.

“I’m inspired by the environment around me, in particular the coastlines of Scotland and the Borders. I’m a magpie for objects that wash up along the beach and am fascinated by the way the sea is constantly smoothing and shaping things, eroding the landscape around it.“

Queen Marie