Team Rock 'n' Roll

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The Anti-Cheerleader

When my lovely friends at We Are 1 of 100 told me they were printing my Baby You Need Some Rock 'n' Roll t-shirt with a black print on a black tee, I was pretty stoked. Why in earth didn't we do that first?! Of course it should be black on black. Well, duh. It's a thing of dark, perfect beauty. I could not have wished for a more perfect t-shirt. 

It was crying out to be paired with this little cheerleader-esque I've been wearing a lot lately, which you might have seen in Instagram of you follow me. I'm a sucker for short pleated skirts and this one looks so good worn with a simple t-shirt.

Red lips and fingertips finish the look for this anti cheer cheerleader.


You can buy the black on black version here for 35 of your finest pounds.