You're A Hurricane


It seems autumn has arrived early in Glasgow as the weather has been too rubbish lately to shoot outfits. I can hardly believe only a few shorts weeks ago I was in shorts and bare skin. Oh well, this is Scotland after all. Actually I have been refusing to give up on bare legs quite yet. I'm managing to get away with most outfits including bare legs by adding a chunkier jacket on top, or just not leaving the house!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen that I'm featuring a few little daily outfits here and there, when I have time. Old school mirror selfies of course, like it's 2006.


Today I'm sharing the work of Guchitaby Shahnaz in lieu of an outfit post. Born in Bukittinggi in Indonesia, she graduated from Esmod Jakarta International Fashion and Business School, specialising in New Couture. The young designer is a top 10 finalist of Fashion Division for Paris Fashion Week 2018.

Her Spring/Summer 2019 collection was inspired by Hurricane Irma and it's devastating effects. If I'm honest, I'm struggling to see the reference here at all, with exception of perhaps the white pieces below with their textural inclusions which look like twisted and broken buildings, but maybe even that's a stretch. None the less, the volume and texture play in this collection has everything in it that excites me.