Context Is Nothing

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The thing I like to do most of all, is to take clothing out of context. To remove it from it's natural habitat and place it within a new environment. With some brands, such as Rick Owens, much is made of context. There is a whole stylistic language surrounding the label. It's not enough just to buy Rick Owens, you are expected to buy into the entire Owens world. When you think of Rick Owens you will immediately think of the black clad armies draped head-to-toe in the label.

I decided to try and flip my most over-the-top Rick Owens piece - slouchy, thigh high, 5" wedge boots - and place them within an unknown and unlikely environment. Therefore I chose to pair them with the brightest, pinkest dress I own. 

This dress was designed specifically for me by Scottish designer Hilary Laing for the Scottish Fashion Awards, when I was nominated for an award. I still love it to this day. I haven't always fitted into it over the years, but it's time has come back around and I can squeeze my ass into it once more. The dress features a child's scribble print all over and is as an unlikely a companion to the badass Owens boots as is possible to find.