Protect + Survive

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Learning to dress for actual, proper heat has been a steep learning curve. My wardrobe is virtually useless for temperatures that exceed 24 degrees. I'm wearing things I never imagined I would, well not in the outside world anyway. I got a suntan which virtually unheard of for me, because goth. And for the first time in my entire life I have worn a bikini! At 45! I had a proper beach day with my friend and wore an actual bikini. I never saw that one coming. So I've really enjoyed the summer experience. I've acclimatised to the heat reasonably well and I'm enjoying my new, albeit temporary, simple approach to style. And it is very, very simple. For the first time I'm being pretty basic. 

I am almost entirely living in denim shorts now. It's not my first foray into shorts of course, but it is my first foray into them with bare legs. 

I've been wearing them with heels of some description as my Vans made it look like I was trying to look young. Heels give the shorts a little edge and make them feel more like me. I might be basic but it's doesn't mean I can't be badass basic.

On this particular the day the temp had began to drop to what is more usual for Scotland, so the shorts needed paired with a sweater. Luckily I have my trusty Ann Demeulemeester Freddy Kruger style one at hand for the required warmth + attitude.


OneTeaspoon denim shorts / Ann Demeulemeester jumper / Cesare Paciotti shoes / lE SPECS SUNGlASSES / BALENCIAGA BAG