Back In Time



The weather here has gone back to wet, windy and wintery once more so I haven't been able to shoot any outfits. As I was planning what to shoot if it happened to dry up, it got me thinking about how nowadays I rarely venture into those bright and colourful outfits I used to wear. I can't explain why but I just don't feel like 'me' in them at the moment. I haven't done for a while. 

When I get dressed of a day, what I wear has to reflect the person I am at that given moment. I simply can't not be true to myself, even it means sacrificing a few readers who much prefer the colour clashing, print mixing Michelle. I actually really wish I did feel like wearing these kinds of outfits again because when I look back at them they make me smile. I probably look boring in comparison now. 

If you have read the blog for a while you'll know I have always worn gothy, darker clothing - it's not a new thing - but those posts were often interjected with these super bold, colour-fests.

So I decided, mostly for the benefit of those readers who might not have been reading for that long, to share some fun older outfits with you. Hopefully you'll feel a little inspired to mix and match your colours and prints, even if I don't at the moment.