You And Who's Army?

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I'm sure we are all au fait with the battle to wear your winter wardrobe in summer. For those of you who live in very warm climates with a properly hot summer that's an insurmountable task which you've probably relinquished any notion of achieving long ago. However here in Scotland, where summer is temperamental shall we say, and truly hot days are few, eeking out your winter staples into June and even July is not unrealistic, with some considered styling of course.

Every single year I say I'm going to buy some summer dresses then a hot day appears unexpectedly and I find myself with zero summer dresses. Every. Single. Year. So until I get my act together and buy a damn dress, I shall endeavour to get creative with my winter wardrobe and make that shit work for Scottish summer.

So I'm starting with the hardest thing to make work for summer - some heavy duty, thigh high Rick Owens boots. 


You've seen me wear thigh boots on here a lot of times over the years and they are really tricky things to style without looking like you wear them for your, ahem, job. And I never have them on in summer because you need to dress in far fewer clothes with them so you don't die of heat exhaustion, and wearing them with fewer clothes brings me back to the first issue. 

These Rick Owens ones of course are far from sexy, they're more Mad Max than Mad Wee Jean who'll give you give a blowjob for £10, but they still need to be styled with consideration. 

The thick, battered suede is incredibly warm to wear so there was no escaping the fact I'd need to team them with something short and barely there. Enter my trusty old leather StyleStalker shorts. These are pretty short so to offset that I'm wearing my high necked Lost & Found asymmetric top Prince B bought me for my birthday last year. Together they kinda cancel each other out to create a look that's less Lady Of The Night and more Lady Who Will Fuck You Up If You Mess With Her. And let's be honest who doesn't want to be that lady?