Silver Fox


As I head rapidly towards 45 I no longer find beauty exclusively in youth but rather in laughter lines, a sweep of grey in the hair, the look in the eyes that only experience can bring. When the endless insecurities of youth are left behind, it shows on the face and behind a person's eyes. It brings a quiet confidence that's deeply alluring. Culturally we revere youth, but since age comes to us all it's so important to celebrate the beauty that age can bring. Yes, it's a different kind of beauty but it's no less valid because of it.

Whilst I personally am yet to gain any wrinkles, I nonetheless never strive to look young. I do have grey hairs appearing, and some of the lesser desired side effects of age, but looking young or fooling people into thinking I'm much younger is never on my agenda. 

I remember my mum being in a constant battle with her grey hair. Every week she would dye her hair a different shade of blonde in a bid to perfectly disguise those pesky grey hairs. For older women that transition between your normal hair colour you've had for most of your life to the grey can be tough. Do you dye it or do you leave it to do its thing? We are bombarded with ads on TV that shame grey hair and implore us, for the love of Henry Fonda, DYE YOUR GODDAMN HAIR but if you're doubting your own grey I'm here to show you my grey haired muse, Annika Von Holdt.

This is the most perfect head of grey hair I have ever seen in my life and whilst she is clearly stunningly beautiful, her hair is easily her most striking feature and obviously she thinks so too.


Obviously she'd still be breathtaking with brown or blond hair, but with grey hair her look is elevated to something way more special. Basically I want to be her when I grow up. When my own hair eventually turns fully grey I hope it will look even a fraction as good as this.

So if you're in any doubt about the beauty of grey hair, just remember this silver fox.