Back In The Cage


Back when blogging wasn't about endless #ad content and pedestrian mass appeal, there was so much creativity. Bloggers and designers collaborated in the truest sense of the word. We excitedly shared ideas and inspiration and created something together on the back of it. Collaboration didn't just mean 'feature my brand on your blog'.

With KoS coming up to it's 12th year of existence, we have had the pleasure of working with so many creatives. One designer we worked with for many years was Angie from Norwegian Wood. In those years we have seen her go from interior designer, to fashion designer, back to interior designer and in that time she has made so many amazing pieces for me. One such item was her cage skirt. I have two beautiful tweed cage skirts that I wore constantly. 

Here are some outfit shots from 2009 of the skirts in action.


But 14lbs and 9 years later I can no longer fit into the skirts. However I'm not one for giving up easily on clothes that no longer fit me. There's usually some way to get wear out of them, you just need to think outside the box.

It then came to me - wear them as tops. They work absolutely perfectly as a cage top over t-shirts and dresses. I'm working to fit into them as skirts again but that will take a loooong time so this is the perfect solution in the interim to still get wear from them.