Birthday Suit

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As I celebrate turning 45 today (although does anyone truly ever celebrate turning 45?) I decided to post about a style which has been on my roster for 30 years - underwear as outerwear.

If you have followed this blog for a long time you'll have seen me post my corsets, bodysuits and vintage girdles countless times. A look I have explored since the 80's, it serves me well even today. My go-to look back then was bodysuit or swimsuit with big baggy black army trousers slung loooow on the hips. I often opted for swimsuits specifically because you could get designs with sheer mesh panels that you couldn't find in normal clothing. Yeah, my sheer mesh obsession dates back that far too.

Whilst I wouldn't wear army trousers now, the silhouette of underwear inspired top half with baggy loose bottom half remains. I have many beautiful lingerie bodysuits that never actually get worn as underwear. This old & Other Stories one is one of my faves. It looks hella good with these paperbag waisted Jean Pierre Braganza trousers.

If it's a look you might think about exploring, I have compiled my current fave bodysuits and swimsuits.


And remember, if anyone tells you can't do something because you're too old, dig out your shortest skirt, your highest heels or your brightest eyeshadow and tell them to "bite me".