Snow Business




I've been going back and forth for the last 2 weeks about whether or not to keep shooting outfits for the blog. On one hand the lack of engagement on posts is very deflating and it means we get very little back for the amount of effort that goes into posts, but on the other hand I did invest in a new lens last year to try and make the posts better so if I stopped shooting them that renders that a big waste of money. I'm still very much on the fence about whether to keep doing them or not. The weather is also dreadful here because the snow is making it impossible to get out and shoot too. We quickly nipped out to the car park under the flat to shoot this one, just to see if I have any enthusiasm left for doing it. I'm waiting on Dust sending some pieces I commissioned her for a Blogitorial  back in January last year and I'm hoping that when I do get to shoot that, that will ignite some kind of interest in me again.

Until I decide, back to the outfit.

With this weather, just piling on whatever keeps you warm is the only plan. As a result, my Thrashers hoodies are being paired with pretty much everything and this is skirt is another one from Queen Marie's skinny wardrobe which I borrowed.

My Tara Jarmon coat is surprisingly warm when layered so overall, this outfit was pretty damn snuggly.