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I shall be attempting to hold down the fort in Queen Marie's absence. Certainly when my own mum passed away I took great comfort in being able to escape to the blog and read all her posts, just to try and feel normal for a little while. Hopefully I can do the same.

Time is not on my side unfortunately at the moment as I'm currently working 14 hours a day, so posts may be pretty short and sweet.

This week's outfit isn't a 'proper' outfit post either. It's basically a quick few snaps of what I wore to work last week. I'm sharing it because I feel it's so easy, a fashion blogger, to get bogged down with showing you guys the more exciting and creative outfits I wear as I want to provide some kind of inspiration, but I feel that it's important to also show the more basic outfits once in a while too. I call these my 'workhorse' outfits. In reality I wear these sort of outfits a lot - it's not all layering all the time.  Sometimes you just need to shove on some clothes that look awesome but require zero effort. This works for me because the I love the murky colour combo and it still feels really pulled together even though it's only 3 basic pieces.



all saints jacket / rick owens dress / DL1961 jeans / rick owens boots / balenciaga bag