Living In A Box



I'm still very much living out of boxes in the new place. In fact, I will always be living out of boxes as we don't really have enough storage space for my most of my clothes so they have to stay packed. This of course makes outfit shots decidedly more challenging. Rummaging around boxes trying to find even a t-shirt was a total nightmare. 

I have given 6 huge bags of clothes and shoes to charity and barely made a dent. It was certainly an eye opener as to just how many clothes I have accrued in the 17 years we were in the other flat.

I do have a wardrobe and a few clothes rails up and running but those feature mostly dresses and jackets - the tops and bottoms are all in boxes.

For this reason I was going to not bother doing an outfit this week but thought there was no harm showing you an outfit I wore on Sunday to go to B&Q, and put together entirely based on what I had that wasn't in boxes.

This features a tee I've been wearing for like a week, a coat, a fuzzy gilet, leather trousers and Toga Pulla shoes, which are one of the few pairs of shoes not in boxes. And I haven't found the box containing socks as yet.

Also, excuse my hellish middle parting. My fringe growing out is still in progress and for some reason it's taken to sitting like this. It's not even long yet. It's just given up on life.