Cult Of Youth


At the weekend Prince B and I were out and an acquaintance of his asked me what age I was. I told her I was 44 and she was visibly shocked. She assumed I was around 27. Since Prince B had earlier told her we'd been together for almost 20 years, it would have been shocking if I was 27 since it would mean we started dating when I was 7! She went on to ask her friends and husband to guess what age I was and they all guessed 27. She took great delight in telling them I was 44 and her husband high-fived me. 

Whilst I'd be lying if I said I wasn't flattered to be thought of as looking much younger than I am, it did get me thinking about why we place so much value on youth and very little on age and experience. Whilst we have no control over sagging and wrinkles - DNA dictates how far south your face is going fall - we do have control over how we treat our bodies and minds. 

Age does makes us more susceptible to illness and disease so we must look after our bodies a bit more than we did in our 20's and 30's, but none the less an older person can be every bit as vital and energetic as someone much younger and, on top of that, we have meaningful life experiences that are far greater than most younger people and that shows in how we deal with what life throws at us. We have, for the most part, shed our insecurities - you'll never find an older person with 'social media anxiety' - and that is an intensely attractive quality. Truly not giving a fuck only comes with age. We know what we want and we're not scared to ask for it or even demand it. And some of the most hard partying people I know are in their 50's.

I am so much stronger than I have ever been in my life. It is not an exaggeration to say I could break someone's neck with my thighs! And I didn't even start exercising until I was 38. I might not be as lithe as 20-something me but I've traded it in for tons of stamina, a rock hard butt and calves that won't quit.

I have talked before about paying no heed to age appropriate dressing - I don't have enough middle fingers for that one - and I have the same attitude to ageing in general. I won't go down without a fight. In fact the older I get, the more badass I intend on being. 

Personally, I think older women who've looked after themselves are ridiculously hot. Yes, there may be lines on her face and the smooth skin of youth is gone, but behind her eyes there is knowledge, understanding and the kind of confidence that only comes with having lived through your fair share of heartache.

The cult of youth will never go away, but age happens to us all so let's embrace and celebrate it.

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