When it comes to harnesses I'm more than happy to shove them over pretty much anything at all. I never really thought much of it until I was wearing this outfit to run some errands last week and a girl in a shop was utterly smitten by the combination of the harness with my puffy coat. Adding hardwear into outfits is just something I've always done therefore I never give it a second thought, so it was interesting to hear someone seem so enthralled with the idea. It helps that this coat lends itself to being manipulated in this way, even though it's really quite puffy. And because I've been wearing it pretty much the entire winter, I'm glad I'm always finding new ways to wear it.



I should also mention the late 80's/early 90's headband thing I have going on here. In a bid to try and continue to grow my fringe out without caving in and cutting it, I find myself having to constantly to seek out ways to style it and make it look less awful. I used to wear my hair like this around 1989 and revisited it recently and actually, it doesn't look as terrible as I remembered it looking.

This time round, I'm going to succeed at growing out this fringe. I can feel it.