Ballgowns & Metal

personal style.jpg


Photography: Prince B, Styling; Michelle


Here in the Kingdom we love to pair unexpected items together. Sequins and hoodies or sequins and wellies, it's all the same to us - things that shouldn't work together but do.

At the weekend the weather was too cold and wet to shoot outside so we stayed indoors and shot this glorious paring of taffeta ballgown with 80's Metallica tee. The ballgown and tee combo is one I have wanted to shoot for a while but I don't own such a gown, so instead I tapped into Queen Marie's extensive stash of clothing from her skinny days as I knew there was ballgown action in there somewhere. I wasn't disappointed - this green floor length number was just calling out to  be teamed with my Metal Up Your Ass tee for some inappropriate coupling.

They say opposites attract and they couldn't be more right.