Let's Makeup



I am asked a hilarious amount of time about my makeup. I find it so funny because there can't be many people more rubbish at makeup than me, well other than Queen Marie!

I only started to have fun with makeup when I hit my 40's. It was born mostly out of necessity because my look of a fine winged eyeliner and mascara, which I've literally worn since I was 17, simply didn't work for me any more therefore it was time to find out what does work for my face now.

I became more confident to try different looks by watching a few specific YouTube makeup artists. Their tutorials, whilst usually leaning towards looks that work best on line free, sag free young skin, can still be deciphered and adapted to work on older skin.

I rarely wear the natural look - if I'm wearing makeup then I'm not going to spend hours trying to look like I'm not - so I favour dramatic eyes and these YouTubers have a huge variety of fun, dramatic looks to try. I haven't ventured out into the world of contouring because it scares the bejeezus out of me, so I just focus on my eyes.

Here are my 3 go-to YouTube makeup artists:


Bailey Sarian

Bailey is by far my absolute favourite YouTuber. I just love her. I could basically listen to her all day. She's stunningly beautiful, obviously, but she's really fun and her tutorials are brilliant. She encourages her viewers to have fun with makeup, because it's only makeup and it washes off, and I have learned tons from her tutorials and can easily adapt most of her looks for my 45 year old skin. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I also like that her channel is 90% tutorials and doesn't focus much on 'hauls'.  She also has fun videos like reading from her 8th grade diary. You have to watch these. I was in tears, they are so funny! Basically, she doesn't take herself too seriously.


linda hallberg

Linda has a really wide range of tutorials to try on her channel, ranging from the complex to the super clean and simple. She also has her own range of makeup, which she uses in some videos but not overly so. Her tutorials are really easy to follow and she creates some truly beautiful looks.


kat von d beauty

Well obviously I love Kat Von D. 80% of my face is made up of her products so when I get a new KVD product I head over there immediately to find a tutorial on how to use it. Her channel features tutorials from her artistry team as well as her own and you can always find something to inspire you.


I hope these tutorials inspire you to get more creative with your makeup.