Granny 2018

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Photography: Prince B, Styling; Michelle


Well here we are again. I hope you all had a brilliant holiday season with plenty of gifts, family and rest. My own year is already off to a terrible start, with some unwanted and unexpected life upheaval happening again, but my life is nothing if not a constant stream of stressful events. The temptation to climb into a hole somewhere and just give up is strong but the show much go on, as they say, so it's back to business. 

The truth is, I'm kinda in a fashion funk at the moment. Nothing in my closet is inspiring me and I haven't bought anything in a long time. I'm really just interested in getting new tattoos. So finding an outfit to share was a struggle. However, just because I'm not inspired doesn't mean I shouldn't at last try and give you guys some inspiration, therefore I thought I'd give you a little break from my rock vibes and hit you up with some granny chic.

The demented granny look has been a favourite look of mine forever. It's reminds me of being a kid and throwing on random things from my dressing up box and thinking I looked like a million bucks. Of course now that I'm creeping closer to actual granny age the look is slightly less ironic. But it's the mixed textures and haphazard aspect of outfits like that makes this kind of look appeal to me.

It also features my favourite Dusturbance bag which I use every single day.


Vintage Bally jacket / Glamorous Tall dress / Office shoes / Vintage hat / dusturbance bag