Instagram Outfits #3

Motley Crue.jpg


I haven't been great at keeping up my Everyday Style posts on Instagram. I always find it hard to get the time to shoot one outfit a week never mind more but I still feel it's a good idea to show those outfits which are the basics for me. 

Autumn has really arrived here in Glasgow and there have even been a few properly cold and wet days which warrant the wearing of my winter coat - the big puffy number you see here. Mercifully I only had to pull out that big gun twice so far.

I've also worn my last wear of my Les Chiffoniers PVC leggings. Sadly I literally burst out of them. Heaven knows they tried their best to stretch to my more sizeable backside but it just got too much for them. RIP.

Luckily, PVC seems to be having it's moment as a trend so I was able to find a very fitting replacement from River Island, of all places. Les Chiffoniers came with a hefty price tag but what I got for my money was leggings that lasted almost 10 years and were squeakless.

Squeakless PVC is a hard to find and the cheaper they are, the more people will hear you coming, so I was surprised to discover the ones from River Island are relatively quiet. I haven't worn them properly yet but no doubt they will make an appearance very soon.

In other Instagram news. I have decided to split my fashion and ballet content. I felt my Kingdom of Style account had become neither one thing nor another, so it felt right to take my ballet content to it's own account - i_am_thrasherina. Quite a few of my ballet followers have unfollowed my KOS account and instead migrated over to the ballet account. So I'm just building up my little ballet community over there. With the KOS account I wanted to show that there's more to me than just fashion or just ballet, but it became clear that followers who are interested in ballet are just interested in ballet.


I was actually recently asked by a high street brand why I have so few followers on Instagram, given we are such a big blog. When I got over my initial thought of "how rude" I do admit that sometimes I ask myself that too but in reality the vast majority of our readers are either in the fashion industry, so aren't messing about on Instagram, or they are older and so don't live their lives on social media, just as we don't. And because we are not at all mainstream we naturally attract people who aren't mainstream either and those kind of people usually aren't active on social media to that level.

Instagram has become such a focus for brands but it's often really misguided. Numbers does not equate to customers. Since KOS tends to work mostly with high end indie and luxury brands, having 3000 older or fashion savvy followers, often with a high disposable income, is far more valuable than 130k teens, and those brands realise it. When brands work with KOS what they get is access to people who could potentially use their work in shoots and feature them in magazines, not 50k people saying "oh that's so cute". Quality over quantity. But the truth is, neither Marie nor I really care that much about social media. You'll not find us suffering from Social Media Anxiety, that's for sure. We could easily grow our audience by going to every event possible but we choose not to. We also choose to work with only a few select labels. Yes, if we agreed to work with high street brands we'd get loads of exposure but since neither of us are really high street focused it doesn't feel authentic to work with those brands, even if it means exposure. Authetnicity matters to us more than having Instagram followers.

We have been told many times in the past that KOS feels more like an online magazine than a blog and so for us our blog doesn't really count as social media and since the blog is where 99% of our readers are, that will always be the focus for us. I pour everything I have into this blog. I spend real time making posts looks as good as possible, I spend time photographing, I spend time researching and writing and trying to inspire our readers. Instagram is really fun but if I don't post for 3 days it literally doesn't matter at all to me. My grid doesn't look curated? Couldn't care less. This person over there as 1 million followers? Don't care.

Instagram is instant gratification and appeals to our short attention spans but by pandering to that is it really starting to erode blogging. It's beginning to feel like the days of sitting down with a cuppa and reading a great blog are over. Which is sad to me. Some bloggers have even abandoned blogging entirely and just focus on Instagram. If you attract a young audience then you are unlikely to get them to sit down at a computer and read your blog - they want to look at something on their phone on their way home and hit a 'like' button, not commit to reading an article. KOS however will keep on with blogging because to me this is the best platform to showcase the creative work of others. If a designer has gone to the trouble of shooting a beautiful lookbook, then it's our duty to show it bigger than 320 pixels wide.