Breathing Moments




Photography: Prince B, Styling & Art Direction; Queen Michelle


As a girl who grew up by the sea, I feel it's calling every once in a while, even though I left many years ago. It's vast expanse of nothingness, the siren call of it's waves as it tries to lure you into it's murky depths and sometimes, for some people, it's successful. I remain at a slight distance, where I know I can't be tempted, just watching it ebb and flow, mesmerised and feeling small against it's expanse.

I can't swim, yet as a child I would spend my days fearlessly teetering on the end of the huge pipe that extended far and deep into the sea, watching fish and crabs, oblivious to the fact that it would only take one wave to sweep me into it's clutches. It was just part of growing up by the sea.

I felt the calling again recently and so we headed to the West Coast, where I grew up.

The sky was aching under the weight of grey rain clouds and the wind whipped around us in sudden gusts, taking our breath away. Sometimes it feels like the sea just can't be bothered with smiling beach goers and their colourful shorts, so it makes itself as inhospitable as possible. Not today humans. I want to be left alone.

Sorry sea, for the intrusion. I'm antisocial sometimes too. I hope you understand.




It also felt like the right time for a Blogitorial. It's been a while. The catalyst was my stunning Rhea Leathercrafts harness Prince B bought me for my birthday. Sometimes it just takes one thing to inspire me to create something.

I'm wearing it with a top by Lost & Found Prince B also bought me for my birthday and this astoundingly beautiful long silk skirt, given to me by my lovely friends, Jane and Jean Pierre Braganza. If ever there was an item of clothing for which this sweeping setting was made for, it is surely this.