Instagram Outfits #1






As you read this I'm actually up North visiting the in-laws so I wasn't able to shoot a proper outfit for today, however I shared these outfits on Instagram (@kingdomofstylemichelle) last week, which were quickly shot on my phone, and decided to share it here too in lieu of a proper outfit post. I'm going to be sharing more 'everyday' outfits on Instagram, as quick snaps before I leave the house are far easier than the

shoots Prince B and I do for the blog. These outfits were from last week when I was just running errands. Basically, the theme for these particular days was Wear All The Ruffles And All The Black. Which I think we can all agree I have achieved both pretty well. I'm not exactly a jeans and blazer kinda gal, but jeans and tons of knots, pvc, frills and ruffles - I most definitely am that kinda gal.