No Summer In The Wintertime




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle

Well the sunshine has all but abandoned us here in Glasgow so I've been living in my autumn pieces, however I am aware that 99% of our readers are not even UK based, never mind Scottish, so autumn-eque personal style is no use to you guys. With my outfit posts I try to provide you some style inspiration, rather than just showcase what I'm wearing, so with warm weather having arrived for most of you I decided I'd bare the chill and get a summer vibe going. My version of course, which is never entirely summery.

In the words of Glenn Danzig, it's a Dirty Black Summer.



The Details






COS dress // Underground England shoes // ASOS tights // Le Specs sunglasses // DIY Armbands // DIY Leg chain




One of my favourite design details at the moment is the single shoulder. I just can't get enough of it. This COS jersey dress (I told you I was loving COS) would be entirely dull but for the single shoulder detail and it's oversized elasticated hem. I'm wearing it back to front though as the bare shoulder is actually supposed to be on my other arm, but with so few tattoos on that arm I felt weirdly exposed having it bared, so I just turned the dress around. Teamed with some fishnets, it's summery but without the inevitable twee-ness that usually comes with summer.

The leg chain is something I created many years ago and adds the little extra oomph I always like to add where I can, especially when there are no layers involved.