Dress Down Days




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


Jeans. We all have them or at least owned a pair. In the past my life goal was finding the perfect pair for my skinny, bambi legs. Now, I'd just be happy with a vaguely flattering pair. I have dancers muscles but without the leanness so jeans are a nightmare for me. Getting a pair that works with bulky calves and skinny knees is tough, to say the least. 

When MiH send me some of their jeans a few years back, the fit was so wonderful it made me hopeful there were other jeans out there for me. One pair in particular, the Paris model, were as close to perfect as I'd found so far. They were slim jeans that weren't tight at the ankle and therefore had the best aspects of skinny and bootcut. One day I decided to crop them, and accidentally discovered the perfect cut for me. The cropped flare.

I wore them to death. I hunted high and low to find an already cropped pair with the same cut with zero success...until last week when I came across these Whistles cropped flares and which have the exact same look as my home cropped MiH pair. Take my money, please. 




ASOS White ruffled top // Thrifted leather top // Whistles jeans // Ann Demeulemeester shoes // Norwegian Wood necklaces // Summer Sleight earrings // Cheap Monday sunglasses


Whilst I'm as far from a jeans and tee blogger as you're likely to find, these particular jeans have barely been off me since I bought them and this is my version of a basic jeans and tee outfit. Oversized frills and leather layered on top, it's a dirty black summer.