Hyke A/W 2017





I am continually searching for style inspiration. Not for things I can buy but for new ways to layer or combine colours or prints. That's the purpose of fashion collections for me.

When you write a blog you pretty much have to be constantly inspired and that can be tough therefore it requires constant research. Many bloggers of course just regurgitate the press releases that fall into the inbox, but since 95% of the content that comes into my own inbox is not to my taste, I find myself constantly sourcing stuff on my own. I was thrilled to discover the fall 2017 collection by Hyke, designed by Hideaki Yoshihara and Yukiko Ode. The collection reinvents subculture classics, such as the green flying jacket and biker jacket, turning them into something supremely elegant but with that reknowned Japanese streetwear edge.


The collection has the elegance of Celine and Acne, with plenty of tailored basics in a neutral palette, camel coloured tunics, suit jackets and belted coats but it's the re-imagined bombers jackets that make it stand out for me.