Electric Gypsy




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


I have no problem with wearing leather in the summer. As long as I can bare my legs, so I don't entirely overheat, I'm pretty happy layering up the leather and let's be honest, leather looks pretty damn good in the sunshine.

Last week we got two days whole days of actual proper summer weather and it was heavenly. I used to be really conscious about baring my legs, since they are soooo pale, but I've accepted the fact I'm a Celt and as a people we just aren't designed to be tanned so the legs now come out with gay abandon.

Leather and lace is, as you can imagine, one of my favourite combinations and on top of that this entirely vintage outfit features plenty of fringing too. 


Vintage lace blouse // Vintage leather skirt // Vintage leather fringed bustier // Ann Demeulemeester shoes // Western Express Inc hat



This lace blouse is one of the best vintage purchases I've ever made. It was something ridiculous like £2 and 7 years after I bought it I still wear it all the time. The skirt used to be far too big for me, and now it's a smidge tight, however this too was a cheap vintage purchase that's stood the test of time proving that vintage can, if you choose wisely, be a brilliant wardrobe investment.