A Break From Black




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


By the lack of interaction on my outfits posts lately, I'm guessing you're all sick of black by now. Can't be helped I'm afraid because when you're in a style phase you just have to ride it out and this happens to me every summer so really, you should all be used to it by now, so buckle up Buttercup! My style is never always one thing or another, it's a culmination of all my inspirations and aspirations so it's always going to be very unpredictable. I would hope that's why you come here - one minute tulle and PVC, the next 60's swirls.

However, if black is getting you down, today there is a very colourful interlude which you can thank Summer Sleight for. I introduced you to the label here, and Queen Marie shared her own outfit featuring a neckpiece the designer created for her, and now it's my turn to style up my own.


The Details

Vintage dress // 5 Preview denim jacket // D'Aquino hat // Angel Jackson bag // Finery boots // Summer Sleight necklace


This vintage dress, which Prince B bought me some time ago, was just waiting for the right piece to come along to style with it and my Stacks necklace by Summer is it.

It really is Summer in the City now.