Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


The weather here is driving me INSANE. One day it's gloriously sunny, the next it's snowing, the next it's blowing a freezing gale. Annoying as hell. So as you can imagine generally it's not been toes out weather, but since ballet stole my toenails twice in a row last year, I was so excited last week to discover they have finally

grown in enough to paint. Needless to say that heralded toes out weather for me. And yup, PVC again. I did tell you I was living in it. However, this time I've paired it with my fabulous tutu-esque Lucette dress worthy of Odile. Layered tulle and PVC? It really doesn't get any better.



Les Chiffoniers leggings // Peanuts tee // Lucette dress // Ann Demeulemeester boots // Vintage cap // Vintage leopard print coat


Of all my hats my military caps garner the most quizzical stares. "Who the hell does she think she is, Lemmy?". These caps are without a doubt a bit more rock 'n' roll than most, but

when you're traipsingdown the street in PVC and a tulle tutu dress, the cap is the moderate piece in the whole get-up! Oh well, who said fashion was easy?