Wild Hearted Son





Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


When I wear lots of black, I'm rarely far from some kind of Western detail. You can place the blame for that firmly at the feet of glam metal, The Cult and Lemmy. Ever since I was 12 and got into bands like Motorhead, WASP, L.A. Guns and Faster Pussycat, I have loved all things Western - from conchos to fringes to cowboy boots. My tween life pretty much revolved around leather, cowboy boots, rock 'n' roll and drinking Thunderbird. Ah simple times. 

I no longer drink Thunderbird, however the style proclivities have stayed with me, much to Prince B's amusement - he continually asks me if I'm going line dancing. No you cheeky monkey I am not.


The Details

DIY dress // Jeffrey Campbell boots // DIY concho neckpiece // Topshop poncho // Western Supplies earrings



This time, I've paired those western details with a very simple outfit - not a single layer in sight. This dress is a DIY I started about 2 years ago and only recently got round to finishing. I bought a plain black dress and laboriously added all the fringes. Good fringes are hard to find and any dress featuring fringes tends to be those awful thin nylon ones that look like they belong on the bottom of a sofa. So when Dust sent me a huge ball of jersey fringing I put it to good use. Whilst I usually shy away from bodycon dresses at all costs, with massive fringes I'll make an exception. I just need to remind myself suck in my stomach because I'm just not ready for Spanx.