The Easter Bunny




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


There are some outfits that just make you smile when you wear them. Lately, that's been this one for me. I'm crazy into blue at the moment so decided to pull all the best blue pieces out of my wardrobe and put them together. That includes my fabulously fun Bernstock Spiers bunny cap. I have also have one in black and white with cream tulle.

This hat can crack a smile on the most miserable of faces, as evidenced each time I wear it. Rarely do people not smile when they see it. They may be laughing at me, rather than with me, but that's pretty standard when you're non-standard. I just roll with the punches. And the laughs.


Top, Morphe // Shirt (underneath), vintage // Skirt, Zara // Hat, Bernstock Spiers // Bag, vintage // Shoes, Thakoon // Tights, Tabio


I'm trying hard to hold back the biggest smile in these photos because about 5 minutes before we shot them Prince B got the phone call telling him he'd got the job he really wanted that Queen Marie mentioned on Saturday. So if I look smug it's because I am one happy bunny. Go Prince B!