Arts & Crafts Movement




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle



Along with the painterly prints you saw a few weeks ago, I'm really having a bit of an arts & crafts moment in my wardrobe. I've been digging out those pieces that have a hand-woven and hand-printed feel to them, creating a textural overload which is always where I like to be, stylistically. This crafty style works well to add interest to a relatively quiet palette of

cream and black. Normally neutrals have me running for the hills, since neutral does exactly what it says on the tin - neutral, neither one thing nor another, ergo a big bunch of nothing much, but even the most basic of palettes can be exciting with mixed textures, prints and matching frayed edges.


Trousers, ASOS White // Top, Chili Pepper // Shirt, Primark // Hat, & Other Stories (plus additional DIY pom pom) // Shoes, Alberto Moreti // Bag, Lautem // Scarf, Primoeza


i bought my yellow toed Alberto Moreti shoes, with their raw edges, years ago and rarely wore them but this is just the right outfit to work with them. Sometimes it pays to hold onto clothes as one day they'll spring into action as the perfect item to pull an outfit together. The real showstopper here though is definitely my Lautem bag, which I first showed you last week. I could take photos of this bag all day long.

On top of the outfit is this & Other Stories hat Prince B bought in London last year but I just felt it was missing something...oh yeah, a huge pom pom! So I added one and now it's perfect. Hats aren't most people's cup of tea but I can't live without them personally. This outfit did garner some odd looks in Braehead the other day though, but I always feel if what I wear doesn't occasionally raise an eyebrow from the 'normals'  then I need to step up my game.