Duvet Days




Photography: Prince B, Styling; Queen Michelle


In the Kingdom as we approach spring the weather is getting colder instead of milder, with rain, wind and snow all happening within days of each other. Not a drop of sunshine to be had. Luckily I have lots of hats to keep the hair in place when I need to brave the weather to shoot outfits. i usually find that if I have one

really warm piece therest kinda takes care of itself. In this case it's these quilted trousers. There may be a trend for pyjama dressing but I see your pyjamas and raise you a duvet. That's exactly what these trousers are like - warm and quilted like your favourite 13 tog duvet. Like taking a little part of your bed out with you.


Trousers, Oh Hey Girl // Gingham Shirt, FRS // Black Shirt, Twist x Turn // Parka, Zara // Bag, Marketa New York // Hat, Bernstock Spiers // Shoes, Joshua Sanders


The black shirt, with it's long train, is all business at the front, party at the back - a quality that doesn't work for hair yet absolutely works for shirts.

This shade of green is what Marie and I call Techno Green. it's the colour of our warmest parkas, thrown on after all night clubbing, lock ins and after parties at our homes from home, the SubClub or Club 69. It doesn't hurt that I'm pleasantly camouflaged among these rather pretty surroundings. If only we were always this camouflaged when we undertook the inivatable walk of shame after the aforementioned clubbing, lock ins and parties...